Being in a bigger shadow for fear of shadows

Ivah 2022-07-16 16:16:35

You know your own charm. You don't reject anyone, you don't give them hope, and you don't let them despair. You are always reserved, but you leave room for everyone to fantasize. You are a beautiful person, the kind of typical beauty that many people have met and loved.

But you are actually the most unfortunate person. You are not confident and you are afraid that everyone will leave if the truth is revealed. So you remain reserved and give people hope for years and months. You have beaten countless people, but you have made more and more people more courageous. You hope to attract more admirers to give yourself confidence, but on the other hand it is very clear that this is drinking poison to quench thirst.

So you're stuck in a predicament of loneliness and fear. You are silent and seem mysterious. You inspire more people to explore.

But others don't understand you more and more, and you become more and more unreal.

One day, you meet someone who makes you tempted. You fell in love with him, oh God knows how much you love him. And, he loves you too. This would have been a perfect story, you could have made a good couple, but you didn't have the ability to be happy. Because you are so lacking in self-confidence, you don't believe that he will always love you. Oh, he is so handsome. "You've loved a lot of people, and more people have pursued you. I don't think I'm any different from them, we're both normal people, and we won't be in love for long." Oh, that's what you said to him.

You hadn't even started when you dropped him.

Beautiful people,
you are full of tears in the sea breeze, did you go to Italy to leave Paris?
Did you leave Paris to leave him?
Did you leave him because you were afraid your love would die?

Beautiful man,
you are full of tears in the sea breeze.
And when I saw this, I finally understood,
what is meant by "being in a bigger shadow because of fear of the shadow."
Did you see his broken heart, his desperate and sad expression?

Beautiful man, you are so timid,
you have failed everyone.
In the end,
you will die in disguise and loneliness.

Beauty is your tragedy.

Not exactly movie related, just got inspired and wanted to write something

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