"Beautiful people"

Guillermo 2022-07-16 21:25:12

"Beautiful People" lives up to its name, and everyone in the film is a beauty. Watching such a movie can't help but feel ashamed in the mirror, thinking that the eyes of the movie are full of such graceful people, it's hard to believe, why is there such a mediocre existence under the sun? The male protagonist is a statue of Apollo, or you can say that he is David the stone thrower. Those sculpture-like silhouettes and sea-like eyes, under the gaze of such eyes, you can only blush and drown. The heroine is not a beauty in the traditional sense, but she has glass-like transparent and fragile eyes, and eyes like lost lambs, her weakness and indifference can make all men heartbroken. The other boys around the male and female protagonists are all little Astros. In a trance, you will feel that you have come to not an ordinary Paris middle school, but a fragrant Eden. Since it is not a school, naturally there is no longer a clear rule between teachers and students, and some are just a group of men and women trapped by love.

The beautiful girl transferred to a new school, like a small pebble thrown into the calm lake, creating ripples after a circle. Wan is like a youthful Li song, flowing with sadness and poetry belonging to that era. Campus, classroom, bleak Paris in early winter. . . The young people's love is beginning to open, the temptation and speculation between the two feelings, the joy and confusion of worrying about gains and losses. A platonic love affair that seems unlikely to happen in a 21st-century classroom. Inspired by the famous French novel "Princess Clive", it gives the modern love of the 21st century a classical moral choice.

A beautiful person, like a beautiful dream. The so-called dream is always elusive. Between dream and reality, there are mountains, water, boundless wind and moon, Jianjia and Bailu.

Juni, as beautiful as she is, longs for an eternal love, and knows that it is as illusory as the moon in the mirror. For fear of getting hurt, he chose to give up. The 17-year-old girl showed calm and determination beyond her age. She avoided responding to the true feelings in her heart and chose a seemingly indifferent and peaceful love. Since you don't want to invest in true love, it doesn't matter who you are with. It's just that this sense of escape and unwillingness hurt another person, the boy Otto who was called her angelic love by the classmates. He is a knight who seems to live in the 17th century, and he is not afraid to use blood to prove the protection of the sacred love in his heart. After discovering the truth, he finally chose to jump down from the tall building, and with a bang, everything was silent as his life passed away. There was more sadness in the beauty's eyes. . .

Naimu, as beautiful as he is, the god of love who is surrounded by thousands of honors and favors, a smile and a smile can also make a hundred flowers bloom, and the spring is beautiful. love? At your fingertips. Beauty? Just fold it when it can be folded. Among the flowers, he wandered freely without touching his sleeves. Only this time, it was Juni who I met. So beautiful and so cold. When she was far away, it seemed as if the spring had taken away from him overnight, all the flowers were in a flash, everything withered, and the cold winter came. Only a lonely heart is left, wandering alone in the winter night. is not it? Only if you haven't received it, will it be so unforgettable?

The director is a master in literary appreciation, and the music and poetry in the film are heartbreakingly beautiful. The music of nature, the Andante of poetry, all these are like icing on the cake as the icing on the cake to become the enzymes of the surging, graceful and subtle love, they tainted the heavy fruit so sweet and sweet, making you so eager, eager for One drink of this nectar of love. But it will either become the most distant star in the sky, out of reach, or become the sharpest blade in the world, penetrating your heart.

You must remember the beautiful singing that lingers in the cafe? It is like a prophecy, and it shows the fate of the characters in the story early. . .

She is so beautiful that I don't have the courage to love
her how beautiful! I can't forget her
when the wind blows gently beside her, how can she be so beautiful,
she is intoxicated by the

wind, but she gently tells me that she is so beautiful
But you, I know love her all my
life, you can't do
it. Yes, she left
it was silly, but it was true.

She was so beautiful . , how far the spring is, the autumn wind is rustling, the dead leaves rustled and the corners of her skirt swayed, and then disappeared. . . The melody of love and youth intertwined, a touch of sadness and a touch of beauty. Angel-like faces and beautiful love complement each other, making them more like the shadows cast by the heavens on the earth, as dreamy and illusory. This can be remembered. . . This hatred is endless.

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