The last wonderful

Gregory 2022-10-25 21:00:37

When I first watched this movie, I just watched a movie of a pure girls' school, and the first half was a funny and youthful campus feeling. When I saw the second half, I felt that it was not just a simple movie. A girls' school movie, it's actually the issue of girls' sovereignty.
This theme continues throughout the film, and in the final protest, it is more thorough and decisive.
But this is a youth comedy school film after all, so his performance may be a bit exaggerated and funny, but it makes me enjoy the funny, and keep thinking, what is the best choice?

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Strike! quotes

  • Odette: I did NOT say you could use my record player.

    Tinka Parker: Welcome. I'm Tinka Parker, and this is Verena Von Stefan.

    Verena Von Stefan: Art thou per chance, Odette?

    Odette: Odie.

  • [Odie, Verena, and Tinka are going to bed]

    Tinka Parker: Good night, Verena.

    Verena Von Stefan: Good night, Tinka.

    Tinka Parker: [teasing Odie] Good night, Dennis.

    Verena Von Stefan: Ohh. Dennis. Harder. Deeper.

    [Verena snickers as Tinka continues to mock Odie]