Love is the first encounter

Krystal 2022-07-16 15:43:18

"Beautiful People", I haven't seen such a feeling movie for a long time. The beauty of French movies is not reflected in the picture but in the language. I love French movies, and I love French handsome men, even if they are GAY. Love does not matter gender, does not discriminate against heterosexuals, and does not discriminate against homosexuals. Like Louis Garrel, of course, the brother and little boyfriend in Junie's play are also good.
The dialogue between Nemours and Junie at 58 points is very flavorful, not like teachers and students, not like friends, but more like long-familiar lovers. Those little actions are not as beautiful as Korean love movies, but they are more moving. Small details slowly reveal this heartthrob teacher's inextricable love for beautiful students.
At first, I mistook the beautiful person for Junie, and then I realized that I was wrong. Nermours, the Italian teacher who both men and women liked, is the real beautiful person. He cares, but the two girlfriends he is dating at the same time don't care.
Junie is a transfer student who can hold the minds of boys very well, smile at them but turn away. Because of her mother's death, she wanted to relax at this school. She saw things around her thoroughly without breaking it, and because she didn't care, she seemed to be different from the girls around her.
Tuto is a shy and cute big boy. If he wants to confess, he has to rely on the help of his buddies. In the end, the beauty returned, but the beauty was not retained. He has a delicate mind, can feel Junie's emotional changes, and is deeply fascinated by her. He probably loves her and wants to possess Junie completely, he can't have his girlfriend turn around to meet another man and kiss after showing her body. Even Nermours explaining to him that they didn't kiss wouldn't restore his broken heart. Not only did Junie have no premonition about his death, but even I saw it in the terrified eyes of everyone.
In contrast to Junie's love triangle, Junie's cousin's homosexual love becomes a foil. And it was because of his homosexuality that Nermours and Junie had more contact. Nermours is a veteran in love and has had too many loves. Junie's reason is not only rejecting Nermours but also forbearing his feelings for him.
Perhaps, Nermours and Junie had a spark in their first Italian class. Perhaps, love is the first encounter.

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