unbreakable crystal ball

Maximillian 2022-10-09 10:07:19

It's a story with a hint of desolation, and the gray tones of Paris' cloudy days run through.

This is another beautiful and charming story. This kind of charming is like the heroine, with snow-white and translucent skin, slightly blurred and innocent eyes like a deer, like a flightless bird, beautiful but fragile. The male protagonist has the face of a Greek sculpture god, blue eyes as clear as the sea, and a melancholy handsome face, romantic but dangerous.

She is reserved but gives people the charm of fantasy, she does not give people hope or despair. The kind of beauty that can only be seen from a distance but cannot be played with, the kind of crystal ball-like beauty that needs to be carefully cared for and fragile.

She looks like God's darling, but she is not confident.

Because this reserved beauty comes from distance and from the unknown. She is worried, she is afraid, if one day the lead is washed away, all illusions will become reality, and everyone, including those who admire them, will leave her.

Until one day, she met the man who looked like a god. The moment they met each other's heartbeat, they both became at a loss. The kind of restlessness that seems like a deer rushing around in the heart, the kind of erratic wandering that wants to get close but can't dodge.

In the end, she chose to escape and fixed the story at the most regrettable but perfect time.

Because she knows very well that she won't say goodbye until it starts.

She said: "We are just ordinary people, we have fallen in love after all this. But how long can we love? If we are like others, how long can our love last? There is no permanent love, even if it is found in books No. Love is for a period of time. We won't do miracles, we're nothing more than others. If we're together, you'll end up leaving me. I can't have confidence, you So handsome, everyone likes you, you've loved a lot of people, what if one day you fall in love with someone else? You think she's cuter than me, and I won't be able to take it anymore, I'll die of jealousy. So I'm going to keep myself out of this pain."

This was the longest speech she's ever made, and

people always say that love is sweet, and that sweetness comes with labor pains.

As Alain Burton said, one of the ironies of love, the more you dislike a person, the more confident you can attract him easily and easily. Strong desire makes people lose the kind of indifference that is essential in the game of love. , If you are attracted, you will have an inferiority complex, because we always give the most perfect qualities to those we love.

And when you truly fall in love with someone, how can you have the guts to be casual. Even if he looks calm on the surface, there will definitely be stormy waves in his heart.

This beautiful girl, she is so timid and not brave enough to endure the despair and pain that loss will bring——it seems like a big gap has been torn open in her heart, and the piercing cold wind blows through , but you find that the person who can fill it has long gone... The

French atmosphere is strong and very sad. A literary film full of humanistic feelings, but very realistic. la belle personne, because you are the most beautiful being.

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