If only I could appreciate this balance of gain and loss sooner

Salvador 2022-09-02 10:36:56

I watched this film patiently and quietly. In addition to being shocked by the beauty of the girl in it, I also admire her final decision.

Hotel, the sun slants in, warm, the air is full of the smell of love, sweet and full of temptation. I thought this would be a happy ending, and everyone was happy. But the director was cruel, let the girl see the world early, and said softly to him, you are so beautiful and charming, there will be many, many people who like you, and I may just be a passerby, although it is full of attraction now, but in the future if there is Change, I will not be able to bear, can not face. That being the case, let's not hold hands.

So sober and so determined, how can I imagine that it came from the mouth of a beautiful 17-year-old girl.
If I could understand at this age, maybe I would be less sad and happier

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