people who are troubled

Brionna 2022-10-29 14:17:03

She came alone, and the last one left.
As Gregova said: love, you can never guess, even if we are in love.
There is no specific name for everything, the faded school, the faded classroom, the faded, the faded people, so the relationship that was originally faded has become slender and crystallized, and it is too tender to be pitied.
And those background stories, the story of the single female teacher, made Leia's choice not so difficult to understand. She understood very early that
"I feel that she is sympathizing with me". A teenager who is worried about gains and losses always has a keen intuition, until he finally proved with death that loving someone can really be loved for a lifetime.
"Love is not permanent" broke, or was achieved, he proved love, and she lost "loved", things returned to the subtlety at the beginning, but no longer calm.
"Love him, so I have to leave him because I don't want to love him" worrying about gains and losses, staring at "love him" but ignoring the second half of the sentence, perhaps for him, his lack of self-confidence and devotion made him want to prove The other party doesn't love him and it doesn't necessarily mean "Look, you really don't love me!" The
woman chose action to prove that she was so beautiful when she unbuttoned her! Beautiful like a goddess.
"No, let me stay for a while" Maybe it's not just boys who worry about gains and losses.

Ah, by the way, I ignored that handsome teacher, a living David, tall stature, blue eyes, everyone likes him, he has loved many people, is he wrong? No, he is also just a mortal man, a pitiful creature who has to worry about love and loss.
There are also many details in the movie: such as the letters that are the carriers of the main line clues, each sentence or sentence or sentence or sentence without hesitation carries my thoughts for you, more love, it seems that the letter has become a symbol, love him (her) Write a letter, prove love, let the letter pass, and when you're troubled by it, tear it up and let it blow in the wind.
Also, what does it mean for the same-sex love of the female protagonist's brother to end in the same tragedy but not end in death?
Everyone loves one person, but turns around and falls into another person's arms, no one is more noble than the other?
In fact, it expresses youth, that unpredictable love, there is
no eternal love
You and I are mortals

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