beautiful and fragile soul

Deontae 2022-11-06 00:18:16

Leah Seydoux, goddess. When she's not smiling, she's just generally beautiful, but when she smiles, she's particularly moving. When she smiles, she is far superior to ordinary rouge fans. Although there is very little laugh in this movie, you can wait patiently with the slow plot. Jocelyne and Jocelyne in Adele overlapped with a smile and were shocked.
Juni is a person with beautiful appearance and beautiful soul. She knows that only Otto truly loves her. In order not to hurt Otto, she plans to leave for a period of time and wait for her feelings to cool down. This plan is good for everyone. But the Italian language teacher, who is beautiful on the outside and very selfish and indifferent on the inside, heard Juni's plan, but didn't let her go. Pursuing Juni when she was most vulnerable directly led to Otto's suicide. Cause Junie to go abroad. Loving her doesn’t have to mean possessing her. People like Italian teachers can’t understand. His obsession calls for the disappearance of beauty in mind (Otto) and beauty in appearance (Juni). A way of love kills beauty.
Junie is beautiful and fragile on the outside, but she is actually very strong at critical moments. She can always overcome her emotions with reason and make the right choice.

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