Mattie 2022-10-12 07:31:24

That way they can get on with their lives.
I think Mattina is very selfish
. He confessed to her for his own good, and he never thought about her.
Saying how I really feel, it's not easy to

say I think
I don't feel embarrassed
I think it's one of my no-go zones
I'm honest about the way I act
If you don't love me anymore I'll be in more pain than you say The rules of the game I made made me even more painful
Knowing that we are just two mortals who
have gone through this and we have loved each other
but how long can our love be
if we are like everyone else how long can our love be fresh?
There is no eternal love, not even in books I can't find
it, so love is love for a period of time
, and there will be no miracles between us.
We have nothing more than others.

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