i dont want to say goodbye

Dimitri 2022-10-09 05:03:32

The hero loves the heroine

I can hear it from the corner

But love can't tell

male second

die for love

He doesn't think female protagonists are attracted to heartthrobs

heroine love

but afraid of losing

Choose to leave without deep love, when the male protagonist is still in love with her

No one can predict the ending

It's all scary when you love someone

The other party said a few words and didn't feel it

make loved ones heartbroken

like it so much

And the male protagonist treats them as trouble

The girl treats the male protagonist as the world

deep love


sorry from the beginning

A person is embarrassed to his lover, and his affection is so low that it is really real

The love of the protagonist's prodigal son is romantic and hurtful

It's not wrong for the heroine to leave

Who is loved by the prodigal son? Unless another prodigal son, if you want to have eternity.

male protagonist

He also really loves the heroine

But in the end the love is still the feeling of love, if this is not the end?

The hero is so handsome. It ends simply in Dolan's Fantasy Love. This is the taste of temptation. Boys are no worse than girls.

In any case, love will definitely hurt love

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