The plot trend of the fourth season - the possibility of a perfect ending without a bad ending

Jeremy 2022-09-19 19:26:39

Professor has already broken down psychologically, and there are not many feasible escape plans in the suicidal gold robbing plan. The plot of the fourth season of the paper money house should be written like this:

Line 1, next, the professor instructed the group of hired hackers in Pakistan to invade TV and released two messages. 1. The police used family threats to kill Nairobi. The main leader in charge of the case outside the bank), this can win the hearts and minds of the people and disrupt the enemy's position, after all, the people will start to shake when the rockets fall.

Line 2, the police arrested Lisbon (former detective Laquer), and Angel (the spare tire licking dog when Lisbon was a police detective) would directly contact and interrogate Lisbon. The news that she is not dead is released, or if Lisbon's negotiating ability is strong enough, she will directly turn against Angel and make her defect, so that the pressure on the professor will be much less.

Line 3: The gate of the bank opened. Two people in Tokyo and Rio fired rockets directly at the police, causing casualties. How to restore people's hearts? Line 1 is a solution. , the police will definitely shoot down the gold balloon and make the gold fall at the gate of the bank. If the people are crazy, they will break through the police line of defense to grab money. At this time, the team can use the chaos of the people to escape. If the people cannot break through the police line of defense and approach the bank, then the gold The grains flew to the people and let them grab them directly to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Line 4, if the previous chaotic escape plan using close range fails, then the only way is to use the magical secret technique from the mysterious homeland of the East - disguise, select certain hostages, reproduce their faces, hairstyles, and then turn them Locked in the bank secret room, the team members used their faces and masks to chaotically enter the fleeing crowd with the hostages, and boarded the police ambulance. Arraigned, fled during ambulance transfer


Easter eggs, the government secretly negotiated with the professor, no longer convene the team to participate in any robbery in this life, and incite the people to oppose the government, conditions: release Laquer, amnesty for the robbery team (I estimate that after the fourth season, the remaining members of the robbery team should not exceed more than 5 already)

Tribute - V for Vendetta + Prison Break + Bank Robbery

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