Luckily, I have three seasons to watch together

Torey 2022-11-08 06:53:45

I didn't decide to continue watching until the fifth season came out. It took a day to read it all at once. Because the story is really complete, I won't write the content of the episodes, so I will record some complaints when I watch it.

Monica's code name is Stockholm hahaha

This pretending to enter the army is too awesome

"I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the bank was attacked, the good news is that the attacker was me."

My God, the decompression chamber installed on the door of the vault is amazing. From now on, the vault is my home. I want to go in and take it.

Palermo is so insane, I hate him so much

Animal protectionist killer hahaha (I don't want to let animals suffer but you kill people, people are different from animals)

"We can't underestimate them, they can make us dig an English-French submarine tunnel without paying attention"

This love triangle is a little bit bloody, Palermo will no longer recognize people after the "pop bye", and Helsinki is rated as a big furry teddy bear by Nairobi

But Nairobi is also too beautiful. She was too beautiful when she was digging the vault. This accent and this catapult should not be too hot.

! This sexual tension! I also want the professor to have sex with me while teaching me!

My god, the last episode was so exciting. This shooting rhythm directly pushed the plot to a climax (fortunately, I have watched it together for three seasons, otherwise I will be tortured to death if it is interrupted)

The whereabouts of the professor were discovered, and Lisbon was falsely executed; the pregnant woman sent Nairobi's son's teddy bear into the bank and lured Nairobi to go to the window to see her son, and the sniper shot Nairobi; when everyone rescued Nairobi, the armored vehicle launched an attack; the grieving professor launched a war , ordered to fire

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