too many bugs

Janis 2022-11-07 07:24:19

The professor is a serious nonsense. First of all, the Bank of Spain should not go to the bank. It's just to draw out the following rotten circles. At least find a better reason?

Holding gold with one hand almost didn't laugh at me.

And when the hostages are exchanged, could it be that the police would have broken in and exchanged the hostages even if the professor arrived long ago?

As long as you count it, what the hell is that skunk? Is it possible that the eavesdropper is also under your control? Since she is so godlike, why can't the heroine climb trees?

The two RPGs made the Spanish military bewildered. I think I am more confused.

In order to develop the plot, only a few people in the team can take turns to die.

Both robberies did not bring a nurse.

The heroine who rebelled by playing hooligans, the hostage who saw the truth in adversity, there are only a few people in the team, and half of them are love brains, and there are too many flaws to say.

The military's description is too stupid, the government's description is too dark, and the robbers are regarded as heroes, blindly echoing the appetite of D silk. I figured out the screenwriter!

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