What love is we can never guess

Destini 2022-11-21 08:43:59

The most beautiful people, they are born to be loved by the creator. They are narcissistic, they are born precocious. The existing real world has been unable to satisfy them for several times, because they are chasing a perfect and eternal love. So they are lonely and stubborn, watching everything in the world with a cold eye.
But do you know what the essence of love is? is different. Beautiful people, do you realize that you are the only one among those millions. Other girls like to follow soap operas, watch handsome idols who are packaged, like to go shopping, and discuss new clothes and shoes all day long. But on the morning of the age of 17, when you were late and blocked by the teacher at the door, that proud and slightly hateful look in your eyes is what I think is the thrilling beauty.
The whole film is subtle and restrained, but the language of the flat narrative can make people deeply immersed in it, perhaps because it expresses a feeling we all share. The 40-minute episode of the movie, Elle éTait Si Jolie, is very nice, making Junie's wet hair and the heavy rain outside the window full of aesthetic feeling. In my second year of sophomore year, I was inexplicably empty after the final exam, so I chose the love category after looking for a movie. When I saw the movie here, I was getting more and more immersed in the study of accounting standards and economic law every day, and the heavy rain in the rainy season of 17 years old seemed to drench my heart through time and space.
"She's so beautiful
that I don't have the courage to love
her She's so beautiful
I can't forget how
can she be so beautiful when the wind blows by her side ... Love her forever and you know you can't do it" The lyrics are simple, but they are the portrayal of the film process . "Love her forever, you know you can't do it." We all want eternal love, but "we are all mortals, and eternal love is not even in the books". Beautiful people, one day youth will fade away, face will wither, and what love is, I may never be able to guess.

Memories, the truth has long been changed beyond recognition by time, I have forgotten the gray years, I have forgotten the broken ideals, my memories are full of sunshine. A world that exists only in my mind.

Have you ever loved, just for love's sake
? Have you ever, bit the forbidden fruit
? Have you ever lost your way?

Yes , I have loved, just for love's sake, and
bit the forbidden fruit, but the forbidden fruit is so hard that my teeth hurt
Those immature passions

But true love is eternal, exhausting lovers
Their familiar kisses fester on the tip of their tongues

But fleeting love becomes a futile frenzy
Their green kisses pierce their lips

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