By my temperament, am I cool?

Vita 2022-10-04 15:29:36

This kind of film with almost no nonsense can always arouse your desire to watch, and it is tightly linked, making people unable to finish it quickly (the update of Tucao is a bit slow here).

Finished it a long time ago, I just don't know where to start. The first two are dedicated to doing things, which is to rob a bank?, very clear goals, planning for a long time, can not say all, but it can be said that the common goal of most people is the same: to ensure safety, you can retreat, at least In case of casualties, come to get more ?. The personal true temperament in it is suppressed by the pressing situation, and it is not so fully revealed.

At the beginning of this part, it starts with the true temperament of Tokyo, which evokes the emotional outline of the whole article. One is for boyfriends, one is for friends, one is for girlfriends, one is for gays, one is for anti-oppression, and one is for declaring war. . . . There are many more, all of them show their true temperament, not to say that I do what I did before, but to say that I just want to do it, and the rest are secondary, even if it is robbing the gold of the savings bank, even if it is almost There is no turning back.

Maybe someone will say after reading it that the IQ of the team has dropped, but the IQ of the police has soared. I felt this way at the beginning. In fact, it is not. For the last time with all his strength, any policeman is scum. However, the purpose of this time is really that there is no pure first time, and it is all based on my own temperament. This is how I am, highlighting everyone's emotional color. Big Brother and Nairobi, Tokyo and Rio, the professor and the inspector, and the one with the child, sorry I forgot the name, Berlin and his gay, the current pregnant female inspector, the male boss, the main line should be these, between everyone The relationship is changing, which promotes the development of the plot. It may also be due to the influence of the relationship. No one in the team has a brain. Maybe only the pregnant female inspector who has been eating candy has always been online.

Almost all the luck in this part is bad, first the director of the banknote printing factory came to bad things, then the professor inspector was discovered, and then Nairobi was injured, and finally the inspector was arrested, without a trace of good luck. A group of people who let their temperament come is no match for the police with IQ online.

If, as the professor said, everyone makes mistakes, then this is a collection of everyone's mistakes.

I don't see anything else, but I can guess based on this that the professors who are not influenced by the inspector will reform and strengthen the plan again, come and save it.

Hope to see you again
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