Santos 2022-10-04 15:02:36

In the first season, Tokyo's usual grim narration tone turned into infinite tenderness when he talked about Rio: Rio, he is my weakness.

Therefore, at the beginning of the robbery, Rio was accidentally shot, and Tokyo panicked and shot the police, opening the prelude to the miscalculation of the professor's perfect plan.

But we don't blame Tokyo, maybe because she's pretty...

In the third season, Nairobi's weakness is her son. When this season's No. 1 Bichi pot-bellied policewoman led Nairobi's son to the front of the bank, Nairobi carelessly underestimated the enemy and came to the window just to glance at his son. Happiness lasted only 0.01 seconds, and her smile was instantly shattered by the sniper's bullet. Heart hurts!

Then it's the professor's turn. His weakness is naturally the No. 1 Bichi policewoman in the first season, but this season has turned into a robber Lisbon~ Well, for the professor's sake, accept you~ Anyway, we also have New Hate Object ?

When two gunshots sounded in the film, the running professor fell to his knees helplessly. His calm and self-control expression was no longer in control, replaced by incredible shock and sadness. So distressed!

As the audience, we will still have a little doubt, oh, maybe Lisbon is not dead, wait and see! But the professor was in disarray, and his anger sent his vengeance into the sky. Go to war!

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