Tokyo and Rio

Yvette 2022-10-11 04:18:55

First of all, let's talk about Tokyo. After cutting my hair, I feel that there is no aura~ The story of her and Rio is actually logical. Like many couples in real life, at first, they fell in love at first sight. Gradually, time will always make people sober, and the personality differences that were ignored at the beginning can no longer be ignored.

It was Tokyo who woke up first, and told Rio that she wanted to leave that deserted island, and that she didn't want Rio to follow.

Tokyo is a fire, and she is destined to be unwilling to be dull. She wants to sing and sing every day, and get drunk in the morning. (If I had that body and face, maybe I would do the same...)

Rio is like a little sheep, nostalgic for Tokyo's enthusiasm, how can she be willing to leave, not seeing her every day is like every three autumns, mother-in-law and mother are constantly interrupting, a phone call revealed that the location was caught by the waiting police, right~

Later, he was finally put back to reunite with his friends, and Tokyo naturally still loves him. At this time, the little sheep finally woke up, like a sensible big boy, said: I will never love others like I love you. But doesn't want to be your dog anymore, he wants a normal family with two or three kids growing up in the yard.

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