All good things go eventually

Hollie 2022-08-19 16:51:47

The sky this evening was beautiful, I took a photo, and then I went downstairs and found that the beautiful clouds and sunset had disappeared, and I said to LI next to me,

all good things go eventually

that's what i learned in a movie

"When Night Is Falling "

LI is studying philosophy, she said, everything goes eventually

, the weird circus music in the movie, circus wear, circus games...i love them all... PETRA is a elf, in fact, I kind of hope that the ending tells us from that puppy It was her plan at the beginning, everything was just to meet CAMILLE. . .

If I can have such encounters and love, I just need to experience it. I don't dare to hope that I can be like them in the end. . . That's so happy. For me now, I really want to see a tragic ending, so maybe I'll feel better. . . Didn't you say that you don't care? . . Why does it still relapse. . .

i have to say this movie's incredibly beautiful, there are so many elements I love in it, mysterious, spooky, gorgeous. . . Should I also join such a CIRCUS, but what am I going to perform during the interview, magic tricks of course^^

That high-altitude pas de deux is so beautiful~~~~~

suitable for summer watching, there is snow and ice and cold wind in it You can feel

PETRA in the dark is a bit like ANGELINA

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When Night Is Falling quotes

  • Board President: So, we've covered abortion, church and state, predestination, drug abuse, prostitution - ah, yes, homosexuality. How do you approach the homosexuality problem, Camille?

    Camille: Well, um, I'm not really sure I'd consider it a problem.

    Martin: I like what you said over at Tom's, Camille said that it's important to love the sinner but hate the sin, so that you're allowed to feel the desire but not act on that desire.

    Camille: Well, in hetero - in retro-spect, sorry - I've come to think that there's a lot of room for multiciplicity in God's creation.

    Reverend DeBoer: You are aware that that is contrary to doctrine in this matter.

    Camille: God... God cannot be so cruel as to decree that people like... like that can never, ever be contented. I mean, one's devotions are not entirely chosen.

  • Reverend DeBoer: Yes, I think we have been guilty of homophobic cruelty, and, excluded people like you, in the past.

    Camille: People like me.