come back, Sappho

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beauty of woman. A woman's love for a woman. The way a woman meets a woman.
It is a film that cannot be ignored when doing women's studies and gender issues. It was a work that I had to make when I dreamed of becoming a director. Every picture and every line of dialogue is thought and poetry.
Gray and color
Dry theology and jumping and bewildering circuses Woody
eyes and wet tongues
The language of men and the language of women
Who knows what love feels like
a man's body or a woman's body
Who knows better how to make love

, read it, the real feeling will be in your heart.

However, there are many concepts in theology that I agree with, but in order to highlight the contrast, this drama just reflects its serious and blunt side. For example, the structure of God lies in the transformation, from the divine body to the animal state, from the animal state to the flesh, and then from the flesh to the divine body; from qi to flesh and blood, from flesh to water, ugly to beautiful.

Check it out when you're done. It is necessary to enter each picture carefully and slowly, and the words behind each sentence are like opening a back garden that has never been known; there is Sappho's Garden of Eden.

"To Ana Doria,

I feel that I can be compared with the gods in the sky,
to be able to sit face-to-face with you and
hear you speak is so heartwarming,
so sweet:
hearing your moving laughter makes my The heart
beats so restlessly in my chest,
when I look at you, Polloch, my lips are speechless, my
tongue freezes
, and a warm fire
suddenly slips over my skin,
My eyes can't see, my ears
are stuffed with noise,
I'm sweating, I'm shaking,
I'm pale, weaker than a blade of grass,
It was as if I was almost out of breath,
on the verge of dying. "

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