Beautiful music and light

Amina 2022-10-07 08:48:23

This is one of my favorite lesbian movies to date. Although the version I watched didn't even have subtitles, I still guessed it, and I understood it.

I have seen some reviews of this film before, and it seems that if the theme of lesbian is put aside, this film is a cliché story of a change of heart before marriage. It may indeed be so.

I still like it though.

After watching a lot of those videos involving the topic of les, they are all covert, sneaky, or struggling with pain and ideological struggle. This kind of treatment seems to be more novel.

However, the reason I like it the most is because: it is so beautiful.
The warm light, hitting the faces of two people from one side, presents us with beautiful translucent silhouettes; the background music is the plucked cello; the staggered shots are of twin sisters on a high pole The tossing; the murmur of happiness and the ups and downs of the music are just right; every movement is just right.

I don't know how the director can control the proportions so delicately, I can only say admiration and admiration.

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