Camille's Redemption

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The night falls, and the lust is absent, like smoke and mist, diffused in the heart of a woman, Camille is a stodgy and reserved theology teacher, she has a loyal heterosexual woman, and has an enviable future. Jade met by chance in the laundry, the magician Jade who works in the circus boldly expressed his love for her, she refused but at a loss, Jade is like a spring dream to her, a elf from another world, an open door The door of freedom, she finally couldn't help but find her, the female magician who was so different from her, seemed to be a scar in her dark night, but she couldn't help touching it, as if her heart was itching. In that circus, there were wandering entertainers, wrestlers, clowns, and fire-breathing monsters scattered. She flaunted herself, avoiding these hellish-like characters, but panting to find her. Seeing her frown lightly, her heart is about to jump out of her chest, this suffocating feeling is unexpectedly longing, the light of my life, the fire of my desire, my sin, my soul, if the front Hell, then she is destined to be my devil.
On a big bed that was as beautiful as blood, the cool tongue danced lightly on her tongue; she saw the body as soft and delicate as herself, caressing her like loving her twin, she chuckled lightly She took a naughty bite on the powdery powder; her whole body was shaking, sweet, slightly, softly making her burn like fire, that satin-like touch, that tender and deadly taste , that panting, that whispering, that weeping with joy, that limbs entangled after the wind and rain, that pretty face can be seen close at hand, as beautiful as a dream.
The circus, Camille sees it as an absurd, ugly, debauched place, but so what, the more I resist, the closer I get, it's because there's sin in my heart, and it's a sweet price to pay, It is a proxy for freedom, so why can't I accept my sinful self, Camille understands, and has completed self-redemption. What is even more exciting is the soundtrack of the film. The violin sound of Camille and Jade making love seems to be hitting the soul again and again.

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When Night Is Falling quotes

  • Board President: So, we've covered abortion, church and state, predestination, drug abuse, prostitution - ah, yes, homosexuality. How do you approach the homosexuality problem, Camille?

    Camille: Well, um, I'm not really sure I'd consider it a problem.

    Martin: I like what you said over at Tom's, Camille said that it's important to love the sinner but hate the sin, so that you're allowed to feel the desire but not act on that desire.

    Camille: Well, in hetero - in retro-spect, sorry - I've come to think that there's a lot of room for multiciplicity in God's creation.

    Reverend DeBoer: You are aware that that is contrary to doctrine in this matter.

    Camille: God... God cannot be so cruel as to decree that people like... like that can never, ever be contented. I mean, one's devotions are not entirely chosen.

  • Reverend DeBoer: Yes, I think we have been guilty of homophobic cruelty, and, excluded people like you, in the past.

    Camille: People like me.