Maybe we just love ourselves more

Alberto 2022-10-02 18:15:19

Is the calling of the body the most primitive nature of man? Is there a good or bad nature? Where are the standards of good and bad? Questions that have been studied by mankind for decades still exist. Like human desire, it still exists.
How magical is the magic given to the three words "I love you"? If one day, I say to you: "I love you", I will immediately tell myself: "Don't be stupid, we just love ourselves more".
Everyone wants to be noticed and expects to be recognized. You like the way it feels, and it's understandable. But, sorry, I can't grasp the scale, I accidentally turned attention and recognition into likes. Yes, I am attracted to you. At this time, you just told me righteously, "I never liked you, never." Yes. I've been running away, running away from the fact. You are indeed the one who likes someone but doesn't like someone else.
"Occasional flirting, timely flirting, showing up when you need it, and getting out when you don't need it" is what you want. And all I want is you, you, someone who can love me. Stay by my side when I'm alone, be seen by you when you laugh (because that's the most beautiful moment of a person), and be seen by you when you're crying (because that's when a person is most vulnerable)... I'm so Say, do you understand? I, too, want to be noticed and recognized. Just like you, I have human nature!
Know our biggest difference? I'm more eager to be noticed by people I care about, because that proves we're "together," and I like to maintain patterns. And you are an adventurer, you will not let anyone who can be captured by you. You do have that attraction, you know, men and women alike are drawn to your subtlety, warmth, enthusiasm, and wit. This is you, like adding strangers to your "friends". And I just wandered in the "friends" mode, feeling the warmth of each friend. But, after all, we are all people who like to find someone to love us.
Is it my fault, or are you wrong? Are you selfish and I am greedy? Maybe! We just love ourselves more.

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