On the Religious Elements of the Movie "Night Falls"

Rowan 2022-10-15 07:43:27

In this film about same-sex love, religious elements are closely intertwined with the emotions and fate of the characters. The heroine Camille is a teacher at a Christian college. When the story takes place, she and her boyfriend Martin are about to be promoted to pastors. At the beginning of the film, Martin is telling his students, "Although modern people are reluctant to admit, even though they ridicule Christianity, modern civilization is based on its moral code, and our certainty of this code and our spiritual sustenance, And the search for eternal truth is proof of its existence. Especially today, after decades of relativistic situational ethics, our society is tired of frequent changes."

In another adjacent In the classroom, the heroine Camille is also giving a lecture to the students: "Change is the origin of mythology. From human to animal, from animal to human, from god to mortal, from mortal to god, from weathering to flesh and blood, Flesh becomes water

, ugliness becomes beauty . . When Camille went to see her, her RV was adorned with lots of "pagan" moon and sun motifs. Her outfits, her acting, the way she speaks are all different from the conventional world that Camille lives in.

Three characters, three attitudes towards religion. Martin obeys, even if not from the heart; Patricia defies and rebels against religion and insists on being herself; Camille has sincere beliefs but doubts in her heart, and a desire for change and a yearning for freedom. Camille made a choice between her boyfriend and Patricia, and left with Patricia. From the safe and seemingly peaceful religious tradition, she fled to an unknown but long-awaited new world, and listened to her heart. . In 70 minutes of the movie, Camille is driving home from Patricia's circus, murmuring on the way: "She answered a silent question in my mind." The question was not caused by Patricia, but Her appearance made Camille aware of this problem, her bravery infected Camille, and as her relationship with her became deeper, Camille also took this to see her heart.

A cross hangs on the outer wall of Camille's room. The footage of the movie stops here many times. When asked by an interviewer about homosexuality, she said: "Actually I think God created a colorful world, and God would not have so cruelly stipulated that such people would never be accepted. People's preferences, not completely It's your choice." Later she went to confession to the priest, saying "I can't control it, it's like a force stronger than me." She refused to pray, and the priest said "You still believe in God right?" Camille suffered closed his eyes.

But the ending song of the movie is "Hallelujah," a song of praise to God, I don't think it's ironic, it's a praise from the heart. The "silent problem" in Camille's heart is not all about same-sex love, but also whether to face himself. When you choose to break through prejudice and obstacles, follow true love and find yourself, gratitude and praise are more from the heart.

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