More reliable sequel

Jacklyn 2022-09-18 19:41:46

To be honest, when I saw the preliminary report of this film a few months ago, I found that the handsome guy Matthew Goode did not play Darcy. I was quite disappointed. By the way, I quoted a (nympho) reporter's deep regret: "Why not Mr. Darcy, cry a million fan girls". After thinking about it for a while, I was relieved. If you really let a beautiful and handsome guy play Darcy, it will not give women of all ages a way to live... Darcy is such a very attractive character, by Uncle Colin wins with his temperament, or Matthew Macfadyen is a handsome actor, my nympho is probably still within the controllable range.

(In other words, Edward in twilight has attracted many fans to the tender bull Wufang with the image of the best romantic male protagonist.)

Liz and Darcy are both middle-aged actors who are slightly lacking in beauty but have excellent temperament and acting skills. If you don't know Matthew Rhyn, I recommend watching his scapegoat. I think his face is still in the past. He has a good voice and good acting temperament. It's a pity that he was ruined by his hairstyle in this show! ! ! Anna Martin I like her temperament very much. I always think she is very smart. She acts in a very high level of British dramas (bleak house is recommended). It is a pity that she is born old. The producers still put a lot of effort into casting, after all, the focus of this show is not young love.

In fact, the story is quite interesting. A marriage that is not in the right household is accompanied by a big push of the best in-laws (one of whom has an old hatred with you), and the rhythm of an accident sooner or later. Something really happened, all kinds of entanglements and all kinds of trials and finally true love withstands the test and everyone is happy~~~ It is a more reliable and realistic version of Pride and Prejudice's various fans/sequels. Don't treat this drama as a romance drama or a detective drama, and treat it with the attitude of a family ethics drama, you probably won't be disappointed.

At least there is Matthew Goode's beauty at the bottom. Other soundtracks and photography costumes are good in all aspects. The production level of BBC's costume dramas is very guaranteed. I think it looks much better than the recent Tangjiatun.

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