I have to spit after watching it

Alexandro 2022-09-18 18:02:37

1. Although it is during the review exam, as a person who has liked Austin for many years (although he has stopped being a fan recently), and read the book "Death Comes to Pemberley" by PD James the day after it came out, facing the The film and television works transformed from this book really have to complain.

2. The original work of PDJames is honestly very disappointing to me. Use the original character scenes from Pride and Prejudice to write a crime sequel, or try to lean towards Austin as much as possible, do more good descriptions of the characters, and work on the dialogue like Austin; Enough energy to write a really gripping crime work. It turned out that PD James couldn't get on both sides - the plot itself was boring and uninteresting, and the characters were poorly portrayed. The author only used Austin's general character setting for the character, but did not put much effort into the character's dialogue. I've asked myself several times as I read - "Is it possible that this sentence was said by Mr. Darcy/Lizzy/XX?" and the answer is almost always no.

3. The wrong language characterization is directly reflected in this drama. The dialogue in the episode is also very indifferent, and there is almost nothing outstanding, which is completely different from "Pride and Prejudice". Coupled with the uninteresting plot, it's really hard not to feel that Austin's language skills, after all, few people can surpass.

4. Casting. The casting was better than I expected in a lot of places - Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana, Wickham and Lydia were pretty satisfying. Mr. Bentley had no sense of presence in the audience, Jane and Mrs. Bennet's casting was quite satisfactory, and Mr. Bennet was average, but he didn't make many appearances, so it was bearable.

The most incomprehensible is the casting of Elizabeth.

There are a thousand Elizabeths in the hearts of a thousand readers, but I believe that Elizabeth in the hearts of 999 people will not be like this. Yes, Austin never said that Lizzy was beautiful, but at least Lizzy should have "a pair of fine eyes"? Otherwise, how could it be worthy of Mr. Darcy's admiration back then? In addition, Lizzy's temperament should be intelligent and relaxed, and his eyes should be often playful (just like Jennifer Ehle in the 95 adaptation). This version of Lizzy, no matter how you look at it, can't be called "fine", and the face is very bitter - probably to show strength? It's a pity that it is more than strong and less interesting. Lizzy should be the kind of person who can solve problems with humor and wit, rather than pretending to be a woman all day long. Not to mention that there is no chemistry with Mr. Darcy's actors. It's really worrying how the two of them don't look like a couple.

I've seen this actress play Lizzy before. Her performances in "North and South", for example, are also notable. To tell the truth this time, it is also embarrassing her - it really doesn't suit her appearance and temperament.

5. Plot and Scenario
Lizzy's costume feels almost shabby than it was before her marriage. Is this really what Mrs Darcy should be wearing? No matter how simple your style is, at least the details of the workmanship look better than the average person?

In addition, I want to strongly complain about the last episode of Lizzy rushing to the execution ground overnight and saving Wickham from the gallows. Women of that era, even if they were as awesome as Elizabeth, really wouldn't do such a thing. Screenwriters and writers, please let them go.

Then, I wanted to reluctantly give a Samsung. Later, I saw the last episode and found that there was actually a sex scene between Darcy and Elizabeth. In my impression, there is no such bridge in the original work. Why should I add such a non-salty paragraph to the film and television drama!!! Will it help the plot? (Or is the screenwriter hinting that the final pregnancy is because of This time....ORZ please let go of these two couples!!) I'm used to seeing the upper limit of kiss scenes in Period Drama, but you guys who suddenly come to a sex scene are so scary, do you understand! !

In short, these two couples have made the screenwriter's work. The whole first two episodes of the play seem to be about to get divorced. The words and eyes between husband and wife can kill people, and there is no feeling of married couples at all. As a result, I found that the contradiction was resolved in an instant, and then there was a sex scene in the next second, and then Darcy saw his wife on the gallows again, and finally arranged a child... After each girl reads "Pride and Prejudice" I believe it is impossible to stop, and I really want to know the happy life of Darcy and Elizabeth after marriage. But this happy life is portrayed like this... I'm sorry, please allow me to go to the corner and spit old blood first.

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