The touchstone is Wickham

Cale 2022-09-18 20:59:12

Murder is a cover. The dead man was Mr. Danny, the officer in Pride and Prejudice, the officer who introduced Wickham to the Miss Bennets.

Three episodes of pretending the case was confusing and convoluted, finally revealing: This is still a love story.

Mr. Danny's death was so worthless.

In the love between the two characters, Wikum became the touchstone. Because he is vain, lies, and has no sense of shame. All the heroines in this play have had entanglements with him, and they are afraid to avoid it. Now that he's out of luck again, will Mr. Darcy, the cool poker-faced man, look down on Elizabeth, who made him an in-law in Wim? How do Joanna's two contenders deal with Wikum?

Beneath the veneer of murder, the show is actually talking about this: the presence of the scum and the hapless Wickham, it's all about the honor and dignity of all people, and how you treat him shows your conscience and character.

Then, let's take a look at the ending, everyone must be happy, and good people realize their dreams. Plus, the scum has sparks and good fortune: he was a war hero at one point; he ended up taking his wife to America. His equally superb wife, Elizabeth's little sister Lydia, finally had a firm and brave side: "I'd rather listen to the tongue so I can scoff at all the rumors. Wikum and I always get through. "Who says she doesn't understand life? This is obviously an attitude that can only be adopted if you have a deep understanding of the world!

So, it's still Austen-esque, just too serious.

Think about how rare that great comedy is, that can make you jump lightly and look back as if you have walked through thousands of rivers and mountains. How many of them are there? I was looking for such a comedy this morning, and I ended up with a Woody Allen watch.

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