Life is dull, dreams are crazy

Giovani 2022-09-17 12:49:28

Who is Herzo? He is the famous German New Wave director, also known as Herzog, one of the four heroes of the German New Wave. But this is a documentary about him making the famous crazy movie "A Boat on Land," which, to use a simple analogy, is like "Flowers" to "House of Flying Daggers." Of course, whether it is the recorder or the recordee, the two ends, for example, are not at the same level.

Before watching "Herzog's Dream", it is best to have an understanding of Herzog's works, that is to say, you must have seen "A Boat on Land", and then, you'd better have read "Aguir: God's Wrath", "Glass Wizard", "Everyone for Himself, God Against Everyone", "Dwarf Rogue", etc., even "Made by Nazis", "New Genesis", etc., can also be called you The coordinates of the reference. On this basis, you can understand how crazy a director Herzog is, and the most basic theme of his films is the madness of people. His characters have never been ordinary characters. The crazy opera lovers who pulled the boat between the mountains and mountains in "A Boat on Land", the outcasts in "Everyone is for himself, God is against everyone" to the outcasts whose adults began to contact human society, "Dwarf Rogues" The dwarf who did all evil after the outbreak of repression and release...

With this tone, watching this "Herzog" dream, you will understand that Herzog's madness is not the madness of the characters in the film, but the madness of the director. The madness of the film itself. According to the prototype of the story, "On Land Boat" only needs to dismantle a ship into 14-15 small parts and carry them over. However, Herzog insisted on moving the three-storey ship untouched. Originally, engineers in Brazil had designed the powertrain to put this crazy idea into practice, but needed to bring the 40-degree angle down to a 20-degree angle, something Herzog firmly disagreed with, even if the movie stalled. The crazy world makes no compromises.

In this regard, Herzog's understanding is very simple: the film was originally intended to express the madness of man, the struggle of man in the face of powerful nature. If the standard is lowered and the cliff is turned into a canal, how could such an expression be possible? Even, he believes that scenes, film crews and actors must be exposed to this difficult environment in order to bring out their best.

Don't think about the studio, the way the snow peaks are spliced ​​onto the screen is not Herzog's madness. In this film, Herzog never shouted, like many directors. Facing the camera, he complained about the weather, the local environment, and the various difficulties he encountered. He talked about his understanding of nature, film, and cultural collisions and exchanges. But oddly, being thin, even calm, always felt an ascetic paranoia. After the film was finally made, Herzog said: "I don't have any other skills other than making films. But without self-expression, what is the difference between a man and a salted fish? He is obsessed with his "expression," the madness of the base color.

It turns out that there is a more legendary saying: In order to please the dwarf actors in "Dwarf Rogue", Herzog jumped into the nettle bushes to make them happy; in order to shoot "Glass Wizard", he took the crew to the Sahara Desert, Running out of food and water stimulates the actor's state; he often insults his actors and makes them feel the mood of the character, so that in the end no one is willing to cooperate with him (this may be the reason why he made so many documentaries later)... "Hercuo" In "The Dream of Grid", although there is no such extreme scene, once you watch it, you will know that the rumors about Herzog's madness must be true, and he can do anything!

This CD released by CC is very dedicated. There is a 35-minute interview with the elderly Herzog, and there is a 5-minute clip of the actor Jinsky that has been cut. subtitle. The cutest is the tidbit about Kinski. This is also an actor with a notorious temper, but in the film, he only sees the cute scene where he makes Indians make bows and arrows, and grills fish in big pants, and he never loses his temper once. Sure enough, in the clipped tidbits, he and the producer scolded their mouths full of feces. It doesn't matter, the better looking one is Kinski, who is like a cute child. On the boat, he wore a yellow raincoat to learn to fly, and he played with butterflies gently, it was really "gentle and elegant"! After watching the clip of Butterfly, you will know that a person with such a personality can also be so handsome. Handsome is really not or not just appearance, but the breath and temperament that comes out from the inside out.

Herzog is not a first-line director in my heart, because I personally think that a real good director or a good work should not be so complicated, the elements should be simpler, and this is the real power of expression. But whether it is first-class or not, this first-class madness is really shocking.

Taking advantage of the craze of the World Cup, I also watched a film about German directors, and even watched a film by Wenders. I don't usually watch football, and I'm not very interested, but I also switch the TV to the sports channel to create a lively and crazy energy. Life is dull, and dreams must be crazy. Whether it's a movie or football.

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