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It was 5 years ago when I watched the boat on land, and I gave it 4 stars, saying that 5 stars were reserved for Hersuo's movie dream, but I didn't watch it until today. Kneeling 5 stars. (Even if I was almost freaked out by a close-up of a chicken.

5 stars not for the film, but for the person in the

film. The boat was about to run aground, and the person was running on the deck, on the top of the boat, jumping nimble, dialing Open branches, desperately trying to do something to keep the ship from running aground. He's smoking a cigarette, he's really crazy. He drags a

bunch of people into the Amazon jungle and gets stuck in progress, trying to avoid the male crew members Going after the women of the local Indian tribe, causing trouble, he had a shocking item in his budget: prostitutes.

After ranting about the jungle in poetic vicious language, he said, I don't hate it, I love it It, love it irrationally. He said he didn't want to live in a world where there were no more lions, or a world where no one was like a lion. And they (Kampas) are lions.

And the long-haired photo Teacher, in the few scenes that appeared, either the hand was wrapped with gauze, or the forehead was covered with gauze. In one scene, the director Hersuo and the starring Jinsky were bandaging him on the bumpy boat. In the

imagination, the appearance of Teacher Hersuo should be It's the same model as Kinski. After seeing it, I couldn't get used to it for a long time. Then I found that Herzo's madness is very different from Kinski. He is more restrained. He looks calm and self-controlled on the outside, but his madness is only in a pair of eyes. In

the beginning, Herzo said, if I give up on this project, I'm a person with no dreams, I don't want to live like that. I live and die with this project.
However, after going through everything, someone asked him What to do after filming the overland boat, he replied, I'm not going to make any more movies. It's crazy, it's crazy enough to do it in a lifetime. I have a feeling that even if I move the boat to the mountains Over there, and finishing the movie, probably everyone will congratulate me and tell me it's a miracle, but no one on this planet can convince me that it's a miracle and make me happy for it all. Impossible , until the end of my life.

In the eyes, the madness disappeared, full of doubt and sadness.

I finally understand why this documentary is called the burden of dreams.
This burden can only be borne by Herzog.

The 300-ton ship struggled to move up the muddy steep slopes through tree trunks like railroad sleepers in thick black smoke. Isn't this picture weird? But it makes me want to cry.

Boating on land is a desire hidden in the heart of human beings. You have it and I have it, but only this person can express it. Although the dream is filled with doubts and sadness, he said, I have nothing else to do but make movies.

fortunately. Thanks!

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