UBW 1 Review

Savannah 2022-07-17 17:38:02

The best performance of this article, the style of painting is excellent and fine, the battle is smooth and cool, the UFO Club's powerful combat animation production technology is fully displayed, and the rhythm control and music are also good.

The characters have also strengthened their portrayal. Although it is a drop in the bucket, it still adds to the plot more or less.

There are too many remaining problems and can't be solved. After all, this article combines the Holy Grail War and campus love.

The tragic death of Illya and the constant betrayal of Red A's past have been dealt with in depth in terms of the seriousness, cruelty, and humanity of war.

Although the whole story is still like playing at home, and a lot of confusing behavior still exists, but in general, the look and feel is still good.

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