When the cherry blossoms bloom in April, we will see you again, Rin.

Shirley 2022-07-17 12:55:54

I like Rin for not a day or two.
Although Saber is also very good. He is also independent, strong, cute and perfect.
But Rin's independence, strength, courage and cuteness are completely different interpretations.
And this kind of The interpretation is exactly what I like very much.

This time the remake of UBW's conscience really shows that the funds are burning. Unknowingly, 8 years ago
was the first time I heard about Fate.
After finishing the Fate at home during the winter vacation,
the feeling is really indescribable.

Since then, it has become a common practice for me to recommend Fate when I see people, and every move will be
a hit. Everyone who is recommended loves it. I

have already arrived in Germany in 2010 . I, I watched the UBW theatrical version in a winter night in Germany.
After that, Fate Zero said that I really don't like that kind of medieval setting.
Maybe it's because I don't see Rin very much in it, and I'm different from others. I also like Shirou very much.

I thought that the reset of UBW was just the same HD as the previous Gundam SEED series. I
didn’t expect that the fried rice is so high-end this time.
And this is the first time that I like the cooking method of cold rice so much.

I thought it would follow the line of the public as the
main story and after the prequel.
The prequel often goes beyond the scope of the main story and is out of touch
. Looking back at the main story, it seems that it can't cover the content of the prequel.
Not to mention the various special effects and The plot and thinking are leading the prequel.

And this time, the UBW orthodox completely made up for this deficiency.
It is just following the prequel and drawing the orthodox
but closely related to the previous version of the orthodox,
and then the combination of the two continues to flourish.
It's really omnipotent.

What's more, at the end of the last episode,
Rin jumped before and after, and
immediately re-covered the old version of the original OP
, which made people really have a lot of thoughts and feelings in the singing.

In the singing ,
I can fully experience the feeling of nostalgia in the past and the new feelings after so many years
are vividly expressed in this new version of the OP. It
feels that the beauty of the past and all the things that should be cherished in the present are combined in Together.

This is the ultimate Fate.
Thank you for accompanying me through so many growing years and still walking with me.
When the cherry blossoms bloom in April, we will see you again, Rin.

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