The picture of the bunker, the funny plot

Dariana 2022-07-17 17:41:00

Fsn ubw pre-finished micro-evaluation: The overall score is 80. As the final exam is approaching, ubw, which has been serialized for nearly a year, is about to end. Screen performance: 100 points, the cool stunts of the flying saucer table and the explosion of funds are overwhelming, so I can't help but wonder if this company is sponsored by Wang Sicong's friendship. Setting: 85 points, the heroic spirit's life-and-death battle for the Holy Grail, supplemented by the different background stories of the heroic spirits, is very subtle. Plot: 70 points, the plot performance is much higher than the fate line, but it is still full of some paradox, the overall tone of the fate series of stories is the parallel world theory, and the idea of ​​red a going back to the past is obviously the time ring theory, How are the two different time theories integrated? If it is a parallel world theory, then if Hong A wants to interfere with the entire parallel world system, it should exist as a concept higher than this parallel world, and will not act as a specific A member of this world is summoned, and the logic does not hold at all. Then it is even more powerless to go back to the past to solve his own thoughts. If a young man a can travel back, he has already realized his previous thoughts naive, and his first reaction is to kill his past self [sweating][ Sweat] This thought, this main storyline. . Sense of rhythm: 60 points, the rhythm is even worse than fate zero, the big mouth and fight switching is too abrupt, and it is generally loyal to the original work, but it is deadly enough for the animation, so I can't help but wonder if the flying saucer table has received coffee company sponsorship. For the upcoming ending (hope to be slapped in the face): 10 points can't be more!! If you look at the current situation, it will develop into an ending where the king arthor stays in the world, but what should the king do and what responsibility should the king take What will happen if I stay in this world? This ending is simply stupid, except to satisfy Saber's brain-disabled fans and the majority of otaku whose IQs have long been offline. . Well, let's take a look at the animation, just relax

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