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First of all, I don't know about the series. Before, I only knew that it was an animation adapted by a teenager to a 18-ban gal. Generally speaking, male-oriented, or 18x adaptation, I usually don't watch it, but even so, I have heard the name of fz, so I, a person who is biased against this kind of animation, clicked on fz and stayed up late to finish it.
After watching fz, there are favorite characters in it, but I can't make up for the earliest fsn, so I came to make up for this fsnubw. The encyclopedia says that it is one of the three lines of the game. The beginning is roughly the same, and the ending is different, so I watched it.

Okay, after the preface, that's all I know about the background of the show. For me, watching animations has passed the age where I can watch the plot because I'm very chef, no matter how boring the plot is. There, I have watched a lot of animated movies and TV series with excellent plots, and I have also had a lot of contact with handsome and handsome characters and imaginative imagination... So what is the only reason to watch this animation, I think it is probably after watching fz It's more than enough and the special effects are produced.
This animation, although the plot is generally boring, but because of the foreshadowing of fz and one of the excellent special effects production from the beginning, there are still expectations, and it can last for a long time.
But this time is also about to be consumed when the male protagonist beats himself.

The main line of the story revolves around a thing called the Holy Grail. In order to make a wish machine that can fulfill all wishes, seven people summon heroes from the past to fight as heroic spirits. If it is just a battle of 7 people or 7 forces, it would be boring. The identity setting of the heroic spirit and the heroic spirit is very attractive. The stories that have been heard and read in the past are all embodied by this animation. It makes people feel intimacy and the B-frame of this animation also soars.
In the main plot, the heroine Tohsaka Rin prepared to summon a heroic spirit early for the war, but she did not get the heroic spirit she imagined and hoped for, but an unsung hero. The male protagonist seems to have nothing to do with the war, but in fact, because of his family background and the actions of his father, he is ultimately related to the war by chance. These two are also the center of the story, no, in fact, the center of the story is the heroic spirit of Tohsaka Rin, the hero and the heroine.

The standard for victory in the war is to kill all the contestants except yourself, so forming an alliance in the early stage is the right choice, but in fact, the hero and heroine have always been in a very passive position. Whether it is fighting or forming an alliance, they are helpless when the enemy is attacking. the result of.
Compared with FZ, the war of this animation is not very exciting. Every master appears necessary but not necessary. The most outstanding is undoubtedly the pleasant duo in fz. Because they want to mess everything up, so The story takes an unexpected turn.

But this time it's different, ubw began to have a lot of monologues in the heart, the monologues with unknown meanings seem to be pretending to be forced, and with the soundtrack, it seems that this boring middle-two dialogue has also had a deep meaning connotation.
Among them, the battle between Hero Emiya and Shirou is the most inexplicable. To put it simply, Shirou, who originally had the feeling of protecting others, went to leave the reincarnation and incarnate as a heroic spirit to protect human beings, but he always failed to end well, so he regretted it. Understand and refuse, so fight, and finally because the protagonist Law Shirou won the story.
As Kim Pika said, it's just too boring. I regret my choice but I find that I can't stop it, and I will still fall into reincarnation. It really doesn't make sense to go back and forth, not to mention that they are talking and shouting most of the time when they fight. , Bidding, repeating the same argument over and over again, making people want to sleep and feel sleepy, if it weren't for the music and pictures, I would have clicked X long ago.
Later, Gympicka said that the Holy Grail is not an almighty wishing machine at all, and it cannot fulfill wishes. It can only provide huge magic power, and then this huge magic power may be able to achieve any wishes by the way. In essence, the Holy Grail is just a ritual performed by human magicians in order to reach the "root". In short, all heroic spirits are victims, because the soul contains energy, and after being absorbed by the Holy Grail, a path is created for the magician to reach the root, that is, from the beginning to the end. The end is all selfish. So Mr. Jin wanted to scold SB when he saw this, and laughed at SB when he saw that, mostly because maybe the King of Heroes was too powerful in the beginning and had everything, even beyond life and death, and after learning the truth, he thought it was funny for people who fight for their wishes.
Since the Holy Grail cannot fulfill the wish, it is better to use it to destroy it, Mr. Jin thought out of boredom.
However, Mr. Jin will eventually lose to the protagonist. After all...he did too many hateful things in the early stage, and then he had to fight against the protagonist in the end.

And the protagonist was innocently involved from the beginning. The wish is very beautiful, the reality is cruel, and the battle is forced. If it is not involved in this matter, he will definitely be an excellent ordinary young man in the future. But supernatural power makes people lost, just like his poor adoptive father, when he can't do anything by himself, he begins to put his hope in the "universal wishing machine", which is the power of God.
Tohsaka Rin, a beautiful magical girl with a normal temperament and good looks, has a good family education, so that she doesn't understand the truth of the Holy Grail War. She just follows the family motto to fight. It is the so-called family tradition, noble blood, and integrity.

The protagonist group is too honest, and the villain group is too evil, so ubw is still the orthodox ending of justice defeating evil in the end, which reduces the suspense of the story, and the story is getting lower and lower, and maybe it is not the first work but the fans. , The background introduction is pitiful, if you don't Baidu before, you will be confused when you look at it.
bb so much, maybe just venting, as a fan, he is very good, as a story, he is weak and pitiful, many dialogues and daily life are very boring, but the battle plot is very good... In short, the dog is really handsome No, Red A is really handsome, and Winky is really good B. It's really exciting to play, play, play and watch in the dark.
However, once you stop fighting and stand talking, it will be too boring.

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