The front is ok, the end is rubbish

Olin 2022-09-02 17:17:14

Kotomine Kirei and Twinkle performed very well in zero, their language, action, character, and lines were very attractive and individual, and their strength was also ahead of the curve. However, it has been weakened in all directions here, and the charm has also dropped a lot, especially Shining. Zero didn't say that he was weak in melee combat, but he was actually hanged by Shirou! His defeat by Shirou was a failure in the plot! The sparkle here is completely different from the past! There is a big gap between the good and the bad of the anime, the charm of the two villains is too different from zero, and it is too far from my expectations... It's a pity to recognize this contrast, I fucking really want to see Kotomine Kirei and Shiny. Delightful duo! What the fuck are you doing? Directly killed the two most interesting people!

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