Although it is a two-dimensional classic, I dare not believe it

Jovanny 2022-09-23 11:10:04

The praise seems to come more from the fighting screen, all kinds of dynamic picture quality details.

From a creative point of view, whether it is the concept of a magician and summoning different levels of undead (“Street of the Soul” and “The Master of Magic Dao” have both, and they are quite Chinese), or the “Battle of the Holy Grail” (“Harry Potter”) , is a traditional concept. There are even more regular expressions in the more recent or more distant classics.

In terms of plot narration, it seems protracted and fragmented, and the main line is unclear. From the beginning of episode 01-02, it is a little difficult to catch the audience outside the circle, it really doesn't look like storytelling.

Every season of an independent series, even if there may have been a public view of the world before, is responsible for making a clear summary of its premise. But not in FSN. Maybe it’s because of the sentimental drive of the audience that I’m quite confident, and I’m too lazy to get out of the circle. Just put the elements that the otaku likes into it and cook it like a stew in the northeast.

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