Fate series description

Lilla 2022-09-29 10:48:55

This so-called Fate animation originally originated from the game Moon World. There are many related works. The three main stories are: the 06 version of "Fate Night" (saber line, also known as fsn/fate), UBW "Fate Night - Unlimited" Sword System" (Rin Line), HF "Cup of Heaven" (Sakura Line, three films), a prequel: Zero, other rumors, these works are all about the battle of the Holy Grail, and the core of the story is that seven people were selected The magician summons heroic spirits to fight for the Holy Grail that grants wishes.

UBW is probably a remake of the 2006 version, and it all talks about the fifth Holy Grail War, but the plots are a little different for different lines. Zero is a prequel, talking about the four Holy Grail Wars. The 06 version is the first game adaptation of the game. I jumped and watched two episodes. It is very similar to the UBW plot. The painting style is old. Generally speaking, the picture quality is not good. You can choose to watch UBW directly. Both UBW and Zero fight scenes are good. UBW wins in rich and interesting emotional dramas and strong plot twists; Zero's character building and connotation are slightly better, and the original author is more famous; HF watched I and II at triple speed, as a movie, I can't compliment it, I give it to the fans who love it. I read it; I won't say it if I haven't read the rumor.

Probably the most classic and worth watching are: UBW and Zero.

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