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Brett 2022-11-14 03:03:25

Fate/Stay Night, the famous "Fate, stay tonight", a joke, this is a widely circulated funny X translation stalk.
It was originally an ADV text adventure game, and now it has dominated the three worlds (games, novels, animations). Now there are two TV animations, one theatrical version, one prequel, and two extras. The game has three lines. This animation is Its second line UBW.
The background is huge and the settings are complicated. I haven't figured out its details yet (too lazy). Part of the content is very dark, probably related to Japan not eating crabs. Darkness is common in Japanese works, and it is generally believed that it is caused by BT , but this argument may not be convincing.
However, it has not been blocked in China, so it can be seen that the dark content is not superficial, but hidden deeper.
This animation is very conscientious. The production team has eaten a lot of money and burned a lot of money. The quality of the TV version is catching up with the theater version. I can’t say that I have seen it without receiving a Blu-ray version. A slag clean and smooth version, 555.

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