Constantly stir-frying, but I still like it -- the sprayer really understands?

Brionna 2022-10-30 00:34:52

Character setting (the background explains the character of the character) is a very important part. Don't just say that the first half is useless if you don't understand it. Can you read more books? By the way, get a literature certificate?
fate stay night was originally an 18+ text story game, but the anime released by the game company includes: the story of the saber line in 2006, and then the arrogant line in 2014. Now there is a tv version of the cherry line on the Internet. . Although I have been frying cold rice, I don't feel bad about it myself. Because of the saber line, I think it is the traditional story of adventure development, and the arrogant line, I think it is the story of the growth of the protagonist, the turning point of the red god, although I have not played the game fate stay night, but after watching zero, I think the Sakura Line should be a story about saving the lives around me that have been lost due to indifference.
I first watched the ubw version of the fate series, then watched zero, and then watched class 06. When I watched the ubw version, I almost finished watching it. When I watched zero, I jumped back and watched it. I didn't watch it at all before watching 06.
Has it ever happened that you gave up the girl (boy) you liked before because of the fall? The saber line is actually no different from such a story.

The plot twist of fate stay night--ubw line reminds me of the plot twist of the future diary. My wife is addicted to the time she spends with Xuehui, repeating a certain period of time, and Hong a wants to change herself and will become In the reality of Heroic Spirits, the people who stay by your side are people you will be familiar with in the future. Like this kind of turning point, I think the author should have thought about it at the beginning. At the beginning of the story, there are doubts about revealing the identity. At the end of the story, all the doubts point to the identity of the characters. Personally, I always feel that this kind of plot arrangement is very good.
Have you ever wondered whether the current self is worthy of the pure self at that time? People will regret the decisions they have made, and thus hate themselves.

But there is no point in life for those who deny what they have done. What you do can only continue to be implemented, otherwise it will collapse sooner or later.

How should I say, I prefer the love from the end. So I like Ao Jiao Lin, not just black silk, Ao Jiao and double ponytails.

But I really hate this episode where the hero and heroine Saint Maiden made her almost get raped. If it wasn't for Wang Jiang cheating the corpse twice, then Rin would have been raped by Jin Er (if there are people with such Saint Maiden heart around me, doing Jin Er is actually me. will not refuse).
Sakura is a tragic figure. It only took a few days for the little girl to go from simple to black.

As he grew up, Sakura had a special need for that because he learned the magic of Lord Insect. It's not so much Makiji's abuse, it's better to say half-assistance. Whether it's saber or ubw line, I think Sakura's smile is disgusting, although it's more distressing. Maybe someone will scold it.

Being raped and almost killed, Sakura's experience is distressing. If the protagonist does not approach Sakura and chooses Rin or Saber, then Sakura will not be saved until she dies, she is completely a victim of the magician world, the protagonist is similar to the light in the distance, maybe the sun of Sakura may be just a trance firefly.
Although I once agreed that "people who are looking for reality in the second dimension are people with problems in their minds", but I personally think that only those who express their content in line with realistic feelings can attract audiences.

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