Terrorist Murder Hospital

Brain 2022-07-12 15:13:08

When I went to the Horror Murder Hospital, I thought it would be a superficial horror movie. It's not good or bad, and it will kill and injure some brain cells.

When what you fear becomes real...

It's a choice to be made.

At the end, I realized that the male protagonist's brain was tossing for more than an hour before, so when the music at the end sounded, his expression should be no different from that of an idiot.
The old American horror movies are getting deeper and deeper

. It's a dream of the protagonist about falling. It's a bit mysterious. If you in the dream don't wake up before you fall to the ground, you will never wake up in reality. In retrospect, everything was implied from the beginning. It's all just a dream, which can be understood as the process of "falling" for more than an hour. Only when the "dream" wakes up will we know what the result will be. To

organize it, except for a bubble that caused the protagonist to become a vegetable, the medical accident is real. Other than that, everything else is his own imagination in a deep coma, or his own experiences in his subconscious, and various "reasonable" explanations for these experiences.

Every so-called "real" experience is interspersed with a heroine The memories before admission should be the male protagonist’s subconscious uneasiness, speculation, and desires in his daily life. The
wife just said that she was going to dress up as Judas at the birthday party, and after that, the fantasy appeared that the wife had an affair with the doctor who paralyzed him. The scene. The
son just watched a video about witchcraft healing, and then the fantasy was worried that the son was addicted to something bloody and perverted. The
daughter just put a picture of a same-sex friend, and then the fantasy appeared after the daughter It's a fact of being gay.
Before the routine check-up, the beautiful female nurse was just a little more friendly to herself, and after that, a series of fantasies related to it happened, and of course, a passionate rendition.
In short, everything in the fantasy is related to his experience before admission to the hospital and the facts that he vaguely knew after the coma (I think even a deep coma still has a certain degree of perception of information from the outside world), but it is just in his brain. It was all distorted. On the

one hand, it was only after seeing the dialogue between the doctor and his younger brother and his wife that he understood what was going on in reality. , the two lines develop at the same time.
I suddenly thought that maybe the black man is the embodiment of all the fears in the protagonist's heart, an incarnation of fear, a concrete image, and also confirms the sentence when what you fear becomes real...
Really face to face with your inner fear When the time came, he had to make a choice.
When the male protagonist heard that his wife was unwilling to follow his will to let him die and swear to take care of him for the rest of his life, a tear fell from the corner of his eyes, although no one noticed... I can't bear to see this I laughed and thought it was ironic.

If it was a Chinese movie, it would definitely be interpreted as a husband and wife who are deeply in love, but in American movies, this is the tears of despair, the despair of never being able to get free and liberation, and forever living in Despair in the torture of fear.

Try not to delve into how the male protagonist who was missing a leg and cut off his hands and feet used superhuman strength to smash the glass with a stool and then flew down from the seventh floor. In short, he was in his own Falling again in fantasy, that is, falling again in dream. If he can wake up before landing, then in reality he may wake up from a vegetative state, can it be understood as the extreme of his desire to survive? Reflection... But the end of the film is like this, he didn't wake up, and in reality he was finally freed, freed, and died.

Strictly speaking, the protagonist has not overcome his fear, but just escaped. It's a bit bleak , a bit of a negative movie.
But it's not bad, at least it can make people think and leave some room for aftertaste.

When what you fear becomes real...your choice?

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