All the bad reviews for this movie are incomprehensible

Martina 2022-07-12 21:30:51

As the title. If you understand a little bit, you won't give a three-star rating.

Both the movie COVER and the introduction are very misleading to the general public. This is not a horror film in the traditional sense, the director is playing with psychological fear. The introduction is not under the control of others, the translation level is a problem, but the cover is someone else's intention, and the meaning of a pornographic horror film can only be said to be a coincidence. Maybe that alone has disappointed many fans of cheap thrillers.

But I was curious to check it on IMDB. It turned out that not only us, but also foreigners gave a lot of bad reviews. Most of them were incomprehensible sentences: I don’t know what this movie is about, garbage, slow, etc. Comment. Not understanding it is a two-way factor. In addition to the problem of the director's level, there is also a problem of limited audience appreciation.

The whole movie is full of metaphors, which is one of the most important reasons why I especially like this movie. A nightmare at first, different birthday gifts for different people, last supper-style photoshoots, changing details of nurses’ uniforms, tattoos, black crows, TV commercials. . . Even the hero's name. Basically all the details are set up for the moment when the puzzle is revealed at the end, otherwise everything is just beautiful bricks and tiles, not grand buildings. It can be seen that the director has really put a lot of effort into this. To paraphrase a popular saying, the director presents your brain with a feast of details and metaphors.

Now for the horror part. When people reach middle age, it is more or less difficult to adjust. Career, family, health, friends, always worry that something will go wrong here and there. This movie has successfully demonstrated that if there is a problem in one aspect, it may be the real FUCK YOU UP. Its harm is equivalent to the problem of the whole. There are not many films about medical malpractice, and even fewer about vegetative brain activity. The male protagonist experienced one of the various problems he was worried about - after a medical accident, all other inner fears came true in his imagination, and the most terrible thing was that he had to stay in this place. In the imaginary world, because the real world can no longer be returned, no one knows what kind of torture he is going through in the world in his mind, including the sophisticated instruments, including the intimate wife who has lived together for many years.

Saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, or that you can see your heart through your eyes, is all bullshit! If it is really that god, then no one can deceive anyone. Everyone should ask themselves, don't pretend to be coercive, is it the first thing to learn to lie is to stare at each other's eyes without fear of being innocent and pretending to be sincere?

People always say they are afraid of death, but what if the most terrible thing is life? The Worst Nightmares begin when I wake up. It may be easier to die in this situation than to live. Because life is better than death.

The sexy little nurse is a beautiful hope and belief. But good hope and faith brought him the biggest cup in life. Thus came the black nurse, representing despair and fear. The most ironic thing is that both of them have the exact same tree of life tattoo.

That horror murder hospital is not a hospital in the true sense, but a world where the male protagonist becomes a vegetative mind. Filled with every detail of his worst fears. The infidelity of the wife, the betrayal of the partner, the perfunctory affection of the family, the misunderstanding of the children, the irresponsibility of the hospital, and the most terrifying thing is that when one's life is in danger and cannot protect oneself, one has to be abused. The director used most of the film to describe these. The pace may be a little slower, but it's definitely worth the wait. And he still can't get out of this closed world of self. At this time, the metaphor of the nightmare at the beginning of the film came into play.

When you dream of falling, you usually wake up in the process of falling, which may be a kind of self-protection of the brain, because it cannot experience the moment after falling to the ground. Just like when a computer runs a particularly large and complex software, it often crashes when it is overwhelmed. Therefore, the male protagonist chooses to commit suicide by jumping off the building in the dream of thinking, so that he can truly die.

The climactic scene is the blatant and lively violence of a black nurse on a hospital bed against an unarmed patient in need of care. Music + large lines are shocking. Read it again and write the lines:

I'm the weight on your chest
I'm your cuchemar, your pesadilla, your Alptraum, your incubo, yo
I'm the morbid oppressioin of the night
I'm the fear behind your left titty
I'm the dark un-fucking-known
I'm the father of cool, and the King of Jazz,
and the porch-sitting, watermelon- sucking brother,
who fucks up neighbourhoods and breeds gangsters
and makes your dick feel small

I'm mud hut - building, spear - chucking darkest Africa
I'm the King of Egypt
Grand-pappy of all the sand niggas
The lord of they, them and all that them be other

I'm the army of Islam
I'm the sickle cell yard ape who's been fucking with your dosage
The jungle bummy who's been guarding your drip

I'm the medicine man
The spike digging your grave The spook
goes bump in your night
I'm the uppity field nigga dancing in your end zone
and spiking your IV
I'm little black sambo
I'm Lincoln's mistake

Out of the mouth, it is full of flogging, awe, sternness, shock, heaviness and historical irony.

Intriguing movie.

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