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The subject below does not necessarily represent my point of view. This is how the film was shot. This article is not too fond of brain supplements.
However, my memory is not good, so please forgive me if I remember the details wrong.

1. Midlife crisis. The opening is a farewell to the past, and pretending to be calm in the mirror: "Hello, the second half of my life."

2. Fear. The embodiment of fear in the dream, the son becomes a weird paranormal documentary fanatic (what the hell wwww), the daughter is gay, the wife doesn't love her and doesn't enjoy her life, etc. What's more interesting is that the son said before that he is a wealthy middle-class white man, and he has prejudice against other races. It is still a relatively incisive observation from his relatives. His fear of black-skinned aliens has become a black doctor.

3. Betrayal. The initial fear of betrayal brings about a midlife crisis. Betrayal is the core concept of connecting each subject. The male protagonist's delusions of the opposite sex are the source of his fear of his wife's betrayal. It was because he found out that he didn't love his wife, so he was worried that his wife didn't love him. In addition, the small conflict between his brother and him also made him anxious. His fear of his own betrayal became the source of his fear of others, or what in the psychological context would be called fear and midlife crisis.

4. Fear of wool. In the minutes before escaping and committing suicide, his family showed that they cared for him. I guess the director didn't mean to be sarcastic, he just used the ginseng winner's story to set off the power of fear and deliberately distorted the truth. And the last memory flashed, the male protagonist smiled and said to his wife, "I'm still alive" in the memory, and jumped off the building. I don't see it as an escape, but the courage to face the fear and deny it.

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Sublime quotes

  • Mandingo: You ready for a little lesson? To be set free? For a dose of reality? First: the lesson. Do you know who I am? I told you my name, bitch. You forget that? I know you ain't forget that! Come on, you caucasian motherfucker! Say it while you still got a pair.

    George Grieves: [through his breathing tube] Mandingo.

    Mandingo: That's right. That's my name. But do you know who I am?

    George Grieves: [stammers unintelligibly attempting to reply]

    Mandingo: No, I mean in the metaphorical sense, motherfucker. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I AM?

    [leaps onto George's chest]

    Mandingo: I am the weight on your chest. I'm your cauchemar - your pesadilla - your Alptraum - your incubo, yo. I'm the morbid oppression of the night. I am the fear behind your left titty. I am the dark un-fucking-known.

    Mandingo: I'm the father of cool, and the king of jazz, and the porch-sitting watermelon-sucking brother who fucks up neighborhoods and breeds gangsters, and makes your dick feel small. I am mud-hut-building spear-chucking darkest Africa. I am the king of Egypt; grandpappy of ALL the sand-niggas.

    [shouts some middle-eastern words]

    Mandingo: The lord of 'they', 'them', and all them that be 'other'. I AM THE ARMY OF ISLAM!


    Mandingo: I'm the sickle-cell yardape that's been fucking with your dosage. The jungle-bunny that's been guarding your drip... drip... drip... DRIP.


    Mandingo: I am the medicine man. The spade digging your grave. The spook who goes bump in your night. I am the uppity field-nigger dancing in your end zone, and spiking your IV. I am Little Black Sambo. I am Lincoln's mistake.

    George Grieves: [flailing against his restraints, and gasping attempting to scream]

    Mandingo: Oh, I just been fucking with you, my little bleached brother! But now, you gon' face your fear. You won't be afraid NO more. I'm gon' set you free. I'm doing you a favor - a 'solid', George. Now, ain't it better to know that all the fears that go 'pitter-patter' in your flaccid fish-white belly are real? That you ain't just another white liberal guilt-ridden mo'w'fucker worryin' 'bout shit he DON'T understand?

    Mandingo: [whispering] The dark unknown's gon' cut you up! And when I'm done with you, you ain't gon' be a pussy NO MO!

  • Dr. Sharazi: [about to give a patient a colonoscopy] Welcome to the Outback Snakehouse.