Yeah, jumped off? !

Guillermo 2022-10-01 04:26:46

Generally, a movie with the label of "horror" should have a pacing anyway - fast!

Am I being too hasty? Anyway, it is too slow to fall from the building in the dream of the couple talking at the beginning of the movie, so you will lose part of the audience at the beginning. Of course only at the end, we can understand the director's intention to arrange the beginning so slowly. Secondly, I have always been prejudiced to believe that ordinary horror films will only use "sex" to earn box office when they are in an extremely desperate situation, so I sneer at the long-term sex between the male protagonist and the female nurse. But conversely, having sex in a nightmare is not a strange thing.

Thinking back carefully, I still like this movie, especially the director's attitude. Colonoscopy is a very simple examination, and it cannot even be called an operation, but the male protagonist is still in a vegetative state. He began a 10-month nightmare. Is it related to the male protagonist's previous worries or the director's stance that human nature is inherently evil? It's hard to guess what a comatose person's dream looks like. We can see that every detail in reality deteriorated even more in his dreams.

He worries about the inexplicable evil research spread on the Internet; he worries about his daughter becoming gay; he worries that his wife really becomes Judas and betrays him; he worries that his friends are false to him; Treated like an animal; he was more worried that he was being exploited by the American healthcare system; he was worried that he would die. These concerns are what a normal American would have. So in the dark and boundless fear, he ignited a little bit of hope, and he began to fight, hoping to escape this horrific murder hospital, but was still caught by the devil male nurse and began bloody torture. (God, the director should take a look at the medical systems of other countries, say, China.)

Is the director too pessimistic, throwing the "hope" that people sing about in this fantasy hospital and letting "fear" trample on it? Is he doubting, questioning the power of "hope"?
We'll get the answer soon, our guesses before and after, will he struggle from the nightmare at the end of his dream, before he chooses to jump out of the window and hit the ground hard? The answer is, no.

Also, how much chance does a vegetative person have to wake up from a coma? So the director was extremely pessimistic, but he was extremely realistic.

So, can we equate reality and despair?

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