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"Taboo" (also translated "Taboo" in 2012) directed by the famous Portuguese director Migus Gomez, is the same name as the silent film master Murnau movie. It doesn't matter if the title of the movie crashes, the key is whether it's new or not. The black and white quiet style revealed in this "taboo" is quite intriguing. The film was named one of the top ten best films of 2012 by "Cinebook" and was named one of the top ten films of 2012 by British "Sight & Sound". The contemplation and serenity, simplicity and poise of Portuguese films are unique to them. Like Fernando Pessoa's poetry, it can stand the test of time and shine brighter with time.

Aurora is an old man who lives in a high-end apartment in Lisbon. She is crazy. Sometimes she asks Shengta, a black maid, to help her find her neighbor Pila. Over time, Aurora only trusted Pira. As a middle-aged woman, Pila still has a lot of things to deal with, and her life is not going well. Then Aurora died. When he was dying, let Pila call an old man named Gian Luca Ventura.

As soon as the old man came, the old woman left. After Aurora is buried, Pila invites the old man to have coffee with him. Only then did the old man talk about a forbidden love between him and Aurora. Aurora was originally from Lisbon's Wang ethnic group. When he was young, he and his parents went to Africa to develop and have a farm. After her parents died, she managed it all. Also likes to hunt, marksmanship is accurate. Soon, he fell in love with a young man from Germany and got married. She also invested in the documentary "No More Snow on Kilimanjaro Snow Mountain". Later, Ventura traveled to Africa as a member of a band and lived near her. Aurora has a small alligator and runs to Venturana. After the two met, they gradually fell in love. unstoppable. Of course, after all, this kind of love is taboo, even in the African wasteland.

The two lay sweetly in the grass, gesturing to the crocodile cloud in the blue sky. The crocodile cloud is just an imagination, it looks wonderful but it is very fleeting, and it also hides a murderous motive. It also foreshadows their love. The truth is, the more you love, the more Ventura lives in fear. After being persuaded by his friend Mario, he returned to Europe with the orchestra. In this way, the two of them only have the swan geese to pass on the book. Aurora says you are the only person I love. And Ventura said you brought me a dream, but I can't face reality. Love is unbearable, and the more you resist, the more unbreakable it becomes. They are still hard to let go. No one can let go. There is very little dialogue in the film, most of which are voice-overs by old men, like a black-and-white silent film.

When we meet again, Aurora is already a woman with a stubborn belly. Pregnant with her husband's child, but in love with Ventura. Unbelievable and unsteady, the two eloped, accidentally killing their friend Mario on the way, and Aurora also gave birth to a daughter. In the end, the two were completely separated. After that, Aurora's husband died and she returned to Lisbon. She still loves Ventura, but never meets again. It is worth pondering that, in the face of this forbidden love, half a century later, the old man calmly told all this, as if telling someone else's story. This may be the helplessness in the face of time.

2013, 12, 11

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