Are the cinema version and the streaming version completely two endings? !

Alyson 2022-07-24 21:25:23

I watched the first one and thought this theme was quite attractive to me, and after the second one was released in North America, I watched the theatrical version.

After the official release of the streaming media today, I was stupid, and found that the cinema version and the final movie released by the streaming media are completely two versions and two endings. The two versions have nearly half an hour of scenes and plots that are completely different. Streaming and even the last level, the two versions are completely different!

Spoilers below!

At the beginning of the theatrical version, Zoe was talking with a psychiatrist, and Zoe revealed to the psychologist why she was afraid to get on the plane. kind. The two versions of the subsequent secret room decryption process are similar. After the acid rain room level, the plot of the theatrical version is completely different from the streaming version.

In the theater version, Zoe fell from the taxi seat into the pipe and came to a warmly decorated children's toy room. The toy on the ground spelled out the name Sonia. The wardrobe door suddenly opened, and what appeared was Amanda, a female soldier who should have fallen to her death in the first episode. She confessed that she was rescued by a cushion underneath after she fell in the first episode, and then Minos took her over and forced her to design a new chamber. All the secret rooms here, including the details in the secret rooms, were created based on Amanda and her daughter's memories as clues. In the end, they rescued the male protagonist Ben from the water-filled secret room, disassembled the wooden planks of the secret room, and escaped from the backstage of the secret room, and there was no Minos staff in the middle to stop him. They ran to the police station and confessed the whole thing, and soon the news reported that Minos was involved in a deadly escape room, and everyone was under the control of the police. Zooey completely let go of her psychological burden and decided to go back by plane. Unexpectedly, I saw a psychiatrist on the plane. At this time, the plane broadcast sounded, welcome to take the Minos flight, and reflect the part of the secret room of the test plane shown at the end of the first film. It turned out that all the previous secret rooms were Minos in order to let Zooey feel relieved, combined with a serial set set by the psychiatrist, and set up another introduction for the third part.

The streaming version is completely different. At the beginning of the film, there is no psychiatrist's scene at all, replaced by a past event. This episode took place in 2003. A little girl returned home with her mother. The daughter said that she was very happy to go out with her mother, but his father was very busy and asked her not to go and say hello to his father. The mother came to the father's room, and the father was designing the secret room. The mother said that she wanted her daughter to leave his side. Father's side was very anxious because the deadline was approaching soon, so he asked her to take a swim to relax, and talk in detail when he was free in an hour. My mother went for a swim. After swimming, she found that it was still an hour away, so she planned to go to the sauna again. Unexpectedly, three sticks were inserted at the entrance of the sauna room, water was poured continuously on the charcoal, and the temperature began to rise. The sauna was turned into a secret room. The mother found a magnet through decryption. When she was about to push the last iron rod away with the magnet, she was exhausted and eventually died in the sauna room. After that, the plot was introduced to Zoe, who drove to New York with Ben because she was still afraid of planes, and the plot after that was similar to the theatrical version.

At the sulfuric acid rain level, Zooey fell into the taxi slide, and the camera was given to the behind-the-scenes BOSS, the father mentioned earlier. He found that the passage had changed, Zooey did not enter the next secret room according to the predetermined route, and Ben, who had been caught in the sand in the beach level before, was also rescued by a security guard. The boss didn't find Zoe, but only Ben. In order to keep the game going, he threw Ben into the secret room of the next level, which was the previous sauna room, but this time the secret room was more complicated.

Zooey woke up, and a man in a security outfit gave him a shot of sobriety. This is the basement of the BOSS house. Across the glass, a woman calling herself Claire greeted him. Claire is the daughter of the boss. She said her father kept her in the room and forced her to design the secret room. All the rooms that Zoe had experienced before were designed by her. She thinks that Zoe is a smart person who can help her unravel the secret room that trapped her and let her out. Zooey lived up to expectations and successfully unlocked the code to release her daughter. At this point, her father came over and shot and wounded the male security guard who was helping him. Claire managed to get her father back into the back room. Claire rescues Ben trapped in the secret room by operating his father's computer. Then she told Zooey that the coordinates she found in the first movie were correct, and that the building was indeed the location of the Minoan Chamber of Secrets. She said she had called the police and asked her to drive the BOSS's car to the Minos building to check on Ben's situation. Zooey came to the building and found that the police had blocked the building, and Ben was successfully rescued and put on an ambulance.

The camera returns to the BOSS's house, and the daughter returns to the basement to communicate with her father through the glass. It turns out that her daughter has been a sadist since she was a child and has a strong desire to control. All the clues that emerge in this secret room are things she wanted but didn't get as a child. Seeing that she had psychological problems, her mother offered to send her away, and she killed her mother in a secret sauna room she designed. My father saw that she had a talent for secret room design, but he was afraid that her terrifying character would one day kill him. So he controlled her in the basement and asked her to design a secret room for herself. It is estimated that she also used her demagogic personality and ability to deceive a security guard to let him do things for her, and finally found Zoe, successfully escaped from her father's control, and finally cleaned up Minos and her father's power. Then there's Claire, who seems harmless to humans and animals, to control Minos and escape the room. This ending is terrifying.

Such a suspenseful thriller movie just came up with two versions with completely different endings. The theatrical version does not even have the appearance of BOSS and daughter Claire at all, and the two secret rooms in the last level are completely different. I think it reflects the competition of capital behind it. After watching the streaming version, I felt that some of the content in the theater version was very rigid and forced to serve a certain plot. Like two models on the beach, candy in the bank, and taxis and subways on a rainy day. The theatrical version describes that this is the memory of Amanda and her daughter, which was taken hastily. But the streaming version, this is what Claire experienced with her mother, Sonia. The model in the beach is what she and her mother look like, the candy in the bank is what Claire wants but her mother won't let you take, the taxi on a rainy day is when her mother says she wants to take her away in the taxi and so on. The plot is more self-consistent, or to put it more straightforwardly, the streaming version may be the original orthodox plot presented by the director. But I guess it was a commercial requirement that prevented them from showing the behind-the-scenes BOSS so quickly, so I re-shot the psychiatrist and Amanda's secret room and the scenes on the plane. Let the audience think that the behind-the-scenes BOSS still does not appear, everything is under the control of Minos and the game master, and more fog is added to connect the plot of the third part.

Personally, I prefer the theatrical version. Although the theatrical version is very blunt in the details of the secret room, but in the end, the sound of Minos' new secret room starting on the plane sounded again, giving me the feeling that Billy, the puppet of "Chainsaw", appeared again for the first time. . Everything before was controlled by Minos, reflecting the oppressive feeling of the villain's great control ability. This inversion is bigger and more gripping.

For those who can endure the slag picture quality of the theatrical version sneaking away, you can really watch many of the remakes of the ending of this theatrical version. I don't know which story line the third part will follow in the end?

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