[Contains serious spoilers] The beginning and end of both versions

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Note: This discussion contains spoilers. And my theatrical version is the gun version of raw meat, and I may not understand some plots correctly. Any corrections and additions to soybean oil are welcome.

Theatrical version begins: Zoey receives psychotherapy in a psychiatrist's studio. Amanda's death was something she couldn't forget for a long time. The psychiatrist was an old grandmother, and she reminded Zoey - Zoey was too caught up in it. The grandmother held up the pen, bag and a book titled Free Will beside her and asked: Are these items also clues to you? Zoey also remembered that what she really wanted to do was go to that Manhattan building at the end of the first movie with Ben. Once they tried, but before boarding she thought again about the Vietnam flight that made her the only survivor, and she gave up on going to Manhattan. But now is the time to go.

As soon as the camera turned and cut to the teaching building, Ben was already waiting for Zoey to finish class. This time they're going to drive to Manhattan...

Beginning of the streaming version: An ordinary night in 2003. A middle-aged woman returned home and tried to negotiate terms with her husband. The husband is engrossed in the design of the secret room and does not care about the family. He begged his wife to give him another hour and advised her to relax by the pool in the backyard. The women agreed. When she entered the bathroom after swimming, the door was suddenly locked. The temperature in the bathroom rose sharply - the bathroom became a secret room. The woman managed to find the magnet to open the door, but unfortunately failed to open the third barrier and eventually died.

When the camera turns, it cuts to the end of the first part. Minos has tested the plane level, waiting for Zoey and Ben to take the bait. At this time, the two protagonists are about to board the plane,

The camera turned again, cut to the present. Claire (played by the heroine of the orphanage), who lost her mother, designed a secret room for her father, who worked for the Minos Group. Claire and her father's thoughts are at odds with each other.

The camera returns to the hero and heroine. The flight attendant who checked the passengers was the same flight attendant on the first and last plane, a Minos employee. But before boarding, Zoey thought again about the Vietnam flight that made her the only survivor, so she abandoned plans to go to Manhattan. Ben took all the money he had to get a car, and the two were about to drive to Manhattan...

Theatrical ending: Zoey falls off the back seat of a taxi into a cozy room. Trying to find clues, she finds a diary with what Amanda once said to her. At this time, Amanda suddenly appeared. It turned out that she was not dead, but just fell onto the bed - she was under house arrest by Minos and was forced to design a secret room. At this moment, a door suddenly opened - it turned out that Ben fell into an airtight container after falling into the sand sea. The water kept pouring down from the top of his head. Fortunately, Zoey and Amanda found the flamethrower in time, the container was destroyed, and Ben was rescued. The three escaped through the exit - it turned out to be the first floor of the Manhattan Building.

As soon as the camera turns, Zoey and Ben are sitting on the bench of the police station in shock. The news of the discovery of four bodies in the Manhattan building was broadcast on TV - the chamber of death, Minos in the back. An officer returned the found pendant to Zoey and charged the pair. Zoey plans to fly back.

The camera turned again, on the plane. Zoey said something was wrong with the flight and wanted to get up. Ben asked back, do you think the whole police station is fake? As a result, in the aisle, she saw the psychiatrist sitting in the front row. She greeted her happily, but she didn't expect that it was just a similar-looking old grandmother-she didn't know Zoey. But a closer look - the pen she's holding, the bag beside her and Free Will's book - is exactly the same as the psychiatrist's. Zoey recalls the mural hanging behind the psychiatrist's chair, which was the exact same scene from the beach level. At this moment, the alarm sounded and the breathing mask dropped - this is another secret room of Minos...

Ending of the streaming version: Zoey falls off the back seat of a taxi and falls into Claire's house. Claire told Zoey that everything was forced by her father, and she had to design the secret room. It turns out that the theme of the Chamber of Secrets this time is about the same year as Claire. But at the same time, she also set up a special mechanism to allow Ben, who was caught in the sand sea, to survive. At this time, her father discovered her plan, sent someone to take Ben to the bathroom, and went to find her in person. She was locked in a glass cage by her father and had not been out for a long time. If the code to the cage is wrongly entered multiple times, the cage will suck all the oxygen - and she will suffocate to death. Fortunately, with the help of Zoey, she successfully opened the glass cage. At this time, Claire's father also arrived, and the two girls worked together to lock the father in the glass cage. And rush to the study to unlock the level where Ben is. Claire told Zoey to find evidence, and he would let the police do it. So Zoey drove away and went straight to the Manhattan building. The injured Ben was about to be carried into the ambulance, so Zoey got into the ambulance too. On the other hand, Claire tells her father that neither of you couples are loving me, that I am much smarter than you. (Flashback to the same year as Claire in the Chamber of Secrets again) She put down her harsh words: Then you will know my true skills. And while randomly pressing the PIN pad—the password is wrong, Claire's father will suffocate to death...

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