The director of the whole story actually finished filming, but it was cut into two bad versions.

Velva 2022-07-24 21:57:45

This complete story should require two versions to be read together, plus a little imagination of your own.

Let me state in advance that this is just my personal opinion, which may not be accurate or perfect, and everyone is welcome to discuss it together.

Let me first talk about why there are two versions.

In fact, the main reason is that the influence of streaming media is gradually increasing now (there are some factors of the epidemic). As a producer, as a producer, we neither want to offend the theater, nor give up streaming media, so we have one fish and two food for the director. Require. If there are two versions, it will force the audience not to give up on the cinema and the streaming media. It's a joy for the capital, and disgusting for the audience.

In the film, satirical capital does whatever it takes to do whatever it takes. I don't know if it is also ironing itself.

Then the question arises, why are the two versions so different, and obviously neither of them looks very smooth?

My personal guess is that this is the result of a game between the producer and the director. In fact, the director's original plan was not to shoot two endings. That is to say, the original escape room 2 should be a single ending film of about two hours. It may be divided into theatrical version and the extended full version of streaming media under the consideration of streaming media release.

But the producers did not agree to do so.

Therefore, at the request of the producer, the director had to cut the last hour or so of the plot into two and a half hours of different versions of the ending. And the shooting content of the last secret room was modified respectively, and supplementary shooting was carried out.

The basis of my analysis is that this movie is shot along the scene.

What makes the Escape Room series so cheap is that it's shot in a different way than other movies.

One reason is that most of them are indoor scenes, the cost is low, and a studio can basically handle it.

Another reason is that a scene has a complete character plot, and there is no content of two different character plots in one scene.

And it also has a very funny place that basically eliminates one or two people in each secret room. That is to say, in a scene, the number of actors involved is basically fixed.

From the point of view of cost saving, it must be the first to shoot the largest number of people. After the filming is over, the actors leave with the money. Then the second scene is the second most populous. And so on, the scene with the least number of people is shot last.

According to this logic, the first part of the film may be the part of the plane's back room. Then the director of this paragraph should be prepared to leave it to the end of the feature film as an introduction to Escape Room 3.

The most actors in this episode

When the producer intervened in the filming process, it should have filmed the part of the acid rain room, because after this part, the plot obviously began to fail to connect.

In order to facilitate your understanding, I have sorted out the plot contents of the two versions respectively. ( The bold part is the difference between the two versions of the plot)

1. Streaming version:

Review of the secret room 1 before the filming → In 2003, the little girl returned to the big mansion and her mother died in the steam sauna secret roomled Claire who grew up to design the secret room → the surviving duo drove to the building → entered the subway car secret room → entered the bank hall secret room → entered Ocean Beach Room → Enter the acid rain room on the street → Rescue Claire out of the roomAlarm at the end → Claire revenge on his father → End of the play.

2. Cinema version:

Pre-film review of the secret room 1 → the psychiatrist consults Zoe → the surviving duo drives to the building → enters the secret room of the subway car → enters the secret room of the bank hall → enters the secret room of the ocean beach → enters the secret room of acid rain on the street → enters the secret room of Sonia's childhood → ends the alarmEnter the plane's secret room → End of the play.

The presumed shooting sequence is: shooting the plane room → shooting the subway car room → shooting the bank hall room → shooting the ocean beach room → shooting the acid rain room on the street → shooting Sonia's childhood room → shooting Claire trapped in the room

According to the shooting sequence, the producers should have proposed revisions before filming Sonya's childhood secret room. At that time, it was too late to make major changes to the plot and scenes, so Amanda was forced to come to the rescue. The original part of Sonya's childhood secret room was modified into Amanda's designed secret room, and the trio forcibly demolished the Minoan game.

After watching the theatrical version, I carefully looked back at Chamber of Secrets 1. Amanda didn't tell Zooey the nonsense that some memories turned into wealth in the ice and snow chamber at all.

no part of this

In other words, this sentence was temporarily added in Chamber of Secrets 2, just to create conditions for Amanda's sudden appearance later.

Based on this, it is inferred that the director increased the part of the psychiatrist consultation in order not to spoil the plot of the secret room at the end. Retain the clues of the plane's secret room in the script, while adding the dialogue that is not in the secret room 1 story

And I don't know if you have noticed that Ben is a hostage in both versions, but the plot after Ben's resurrection is rigid.

In the streaming version, it is reasonable to save Ben (rescue Claire is to save Ben), but it does not promote the subsequent plot (only used to give a pendant).

In the theatrical version, the part of rescuing Ben is unreasonable (breaking the glass with fire is a bit tricky), but it has a huge impact on the subsequent plot (Zoe will only fly when Ben is alive).

Ben's survival is a necessary and sufficient condition to promote the subsequent plot. Ben is one of the protagonists belonging to Chamber of Secrets 3, and he must survive at the end. However, since there was no time to drastically change the script and the ending needed to be split, his part at the ending was also split into two parts.

That is, the first half of the streaming version and the second half of the backyard version. Then, Ben re-shot the first half of the theatrical version.

So I will sum up, what I analyzed, or what I guessed the original plot.

Review of Secret Room 1 before the filming → The little girl returned to the mansion in 2003 and her mother died in the steam sauna secret room → Claire grew up to design the secret room → Zoe failed to enter the plane secret room → psychiatrist consulted Zoe → The surviving duo drove to Building → Enter the subway car room → Enter the bank hall room → Enter the ocean beach room → Enter the acid rain room on the street → Enter Sonia's childhood roomRescue Claire out of the room → Alarm at the end → Claire killed his father → Enter the plane room → End of the play.

But in this passage, there is still a doubt. Bold this paragraph, the plot will be out of touch. I'll make up my mind based on the context, let's see if it's reasonable.

Judging from the theatrical version, the process of Zoe entering Sonia's childhood secret room through a taxi (the way of falling, the change of light and shadow), this should be the path of the original plot.

The blue light in the channel + the way it falls

I'm guessing that Sonya's childhood secret room should have been designed as a binary secret room. Usually, there should be one person left in each level in the secret room. After the four levels of electric shock, laser, quicksand, and acid rain, there can only be three survivors in theory.

Why do you say that? In the acid rain secret room, the phone booth can only hide two people, and one can hide with an umbrella. No matter how many previous survivors there are, there are only 3 people left in this level.

Considering that there may be deviations, quicksand, a level that is not immediately dead, will play a redundant role in storing alternate players.

For backroom clients, giving the pieces a chance to return can also add to the fun.

In the previous streaming version, there was a scene where the transition chute failed and Claire's father found the steam sauna secret room.

Then in the part of rescuing Claire, Ben didn't die, but was alive and well. Ended up being thrown into the ultimate steam sauna secret room in the waiting room.

Judging from the above plot, the teleportation chute transmits people who fall into quicksand. In other words, in the original script, this episode happened after everyone escaped from the beach room. For the needs of the plot, the director edited this segment after the streaming version of the acid rain secret room plot.

According to the original plot, on the surface, it seems that everyone in the quicksand secret room chose the exit separately, and the fault of the slideway caused everyone to gather in the acid rain secret room.

In fact, it is the foreshadowing of Ben's later appearances.

In addition, there are slides that also indicate that in addition to Ben, Nate should also survive. Since it is a transition slide, there should be a follow-up secret room waiting for them. Ben quits the escape room game because of a glitch in the transition slide, but Nate doesn't. He entered the next chamber as a reserve, which was Sonia's childhood chamber.

The purpose of the childhood secret room in the fifth level should be that 3 people survive 2 people, or 2 people survive 1 person.

According to the previous communication in the elevator during the transition from the carriage to the bank's secret room. The secret room is designed according to the psychological characteristics of each contestant.

Among them, there are two more distinctive people, one is Nate and the other is Zoe. These two are among those who share the shadow of survivor guilt.

Zooey's performance is more obvious. She has experienced an air crash and feels guilty for not being able to save her mother (guessing the possible reasons). So in the two escape rooms, she tried her best to save others and avoid her own death.

From Nate's very negative mental state and the secret room process he told himself, it can be seen that what he experienced should be a test of the confrontation between divinity and humanity.

As you can guess with a little thought, have a group of priests go on a battle royale similar to Chainsaw Horror Mode. See if God's faith defeats the survival instinct, or whether the survival instinct defeats God's belief in the end.

This part is hinted at in the video

From being hungover in the car, carrying alcohol with him, testing the machine in the bank's back room, and jumping into quicksand to save people in the beach back room, Nate was obviously caught in a deep sense of guilt. Alcoholism and the brink of self-destruction. Such as killing other survivors to make themselves the final winner.

Because Nate betrayed his beliefs, he wanted to save himself through this almost suicide way of saving people.

According to the streaming version of Claire's strong possessiveness and desire to control, the theme of Sonya's childhood secret room should be choice. Put two players in different secret rooms, and then let each player choose whether to let the other party or himself survive, and play a human competition similar to the chainsaw horror.

According to their psychological characteristics, Nate will once again experience the choice of whether to get rid of the other party, while Zoe will face the human test of whether to die.

The result may be that Nate chooses to commit suicide, or again, his survival instinct is at work, trying to kill Zoe and failing and being eliminated from the game.

After Zoe managed to get through her childhood chamber, she entered the mansion where she was being held instead of the ultimate steam sauna chamber because of what Claire had done.

Then there is the plot of rescuing Claire to escape.

Then it was our turn to make a grand debut.

The original ending should have been that Ben entered the steam sauna secret room, and Claire convinced Zoe to save her first and then save Ben. After the rescue was successful, Ben accompanied Zoe on the plane and entered the end of the plane's secret room.

But the problem comes again. I personally think that even if the ending of the two versions of Nakamoto is merged, this ending is still very blunt.

Here I would like to guess again the possible direction of the original plot.

Maybe because of the time or schedule, the theoretical scene was crowded out by the water dungeon scene in the childhood secret room. As a result, the security guard Ensler had to come on the court to deal with Claire's father.

I think a more reasonable plot plan should be:

Claire's father, who found that the situation was wrong, coerced Ben into the ultimate secret room and forced Zooey to stop. Then he took a gun to find the glass room where his daughter was being held, and forced Zooey and Claire, who were about to escape, back to the room. Here is a dialogue that made the two women design a secret room for him together in the room.

Then the magic soldier defeated Claire's father and rescued the two girls.

Under questioning, it was found that Ben Ben, without Claire's help, cracked the level and escaped.

Since the ultimate secret room is not approved, it is a very reasonable setting to escape from the secret room (it is estimated that Claire also wants more contestants to escape the secret room).

This echoes Ben's sense of loyalty to Claire's saving grace on the journey. It also breaks the audience's thinking that this is a waste, and completes the role change.

In addition to the audience being surprised by such a setting, there are two advantages.

One is to foreshadow the future love between the two, which is a life-saving grace and loyalty to each other.

The second is to elevate Ben from a follower of Zoe to a qualified player, paving the way for future cooperation with Zoe in the escape room.

Based on the analysis at the end of the theatrical version and the streaming version, Claire should eventually become the big boss in Chamber of Secrets 3. The future escape room movie is a showdown between Zoe and Claire.

Many people complain that there are too many bugs in the escape room series. Personally, I think the biggest bug is that the room is too difficult and the time to crack the room is too short. The difficulty is too high, the time is too short, and the plot is driving the audience forward, and many details cannot be delved into.

For example, in the streaming version, in the steam room secret room where Sonya sacrificed. In fact, she could cut a hole in the glass door with the big diamond ring she wore with her bling bling, but in order to highlight the difficulty of the secret room, she had to let her heat to death...

Her diamond ring really shines!

Among the many secret room designs this time, I like the bank lobby the most. Talented, interesting and exciting, high-energy laser or something, I love it so much! ! !

Laser, biubiubiu!

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