"Forbidden Love" Tabu_Love is futile

Alvera 2022-07-19 18:35:25

"Forbidden Love" Tabu, another great film of 2012 (2012 was really a prolific year for superb films).
The first half of the film (part 1) is like a twilight diary reflecting contemporary southern European social class and (colonial) history (Paradise Lost without love, our contemporary life in a vacuum); the second half becomes a white romance with white silence. Experimental films, narrations, and black-and-white silent counterpoints; oldies, soundtracks, and blue-green tinge of black-and-white gumballs all have an astonishing texture.

Among our elders (the separation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in the last century), how many people have passed through the 20th century without love, trapped in nothingness and thinking of the paradise of the past.
However, what I saw in this film is that the promiscuity of the early 20th century does not mean that the world at that time was more like a paradise, which made people fall in love and let fatalism have an opportunity. Through a forbidden love between a man and a woman, "memory becomes limited, but the world is more eternal".
Before any person (birth, migration, displacement, loss of soul, sinking), there is a
history/memory that is limited (like the frame of the big screen), which affects their infinite future.

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