Take stock of the illogical

Zula 2022-10-06 15:38:43

1. The priest in the bank went blind without authorization

I don't know why such a plot is created. In addition to mindless actions, did it make any difference to your teammates? Everyone is the one who won the last game. Is it reasonable to be so brainless?

2. The priest and the Virgin saved people, but Rachel didn't respond.

Throughout the first two secret rooms, there are very few characters who dare to jump into the dead end (even the heroine of the sand sinking didn't jump in), such a feat described, Rachel, the client, was rescued unexpectedly. A mediocre response? After the first Amanda sacrificed, the heroine jumped out and shouted "she sacrificed for us"

3. The female protagonist's reaction after the male protagonist falls on the beach

That is called a mediocre response, and there is no trace of shaking on the face of the godless except for the mechanical mouth that reads lines. This is the person who experienced the first life-and-death relationship together, or you brought people here. The importance of other teammates is not the same level. As a result, it is not as intense as when Amanda died.

4. The last passage to escape the beach is not explained

On one side, Brianna walked through the refrigerator passage of the cottage, and on the other side, the heroine walked through the top of the tower, and at the entrance of the hut, they also experienced extreme pulling of the mouth cannon (Ben tried to persuade the two to go to the lighthouse passage). According to the first hospital scene, the poison gas one. Guan, when everyone believes that the heroine is right, and everyone thinks that walking through the refrigerator aisle is finished, will the three girls meet in the next level? ? ? Can you tell me what is the purpose of setting these two channels? ? ? What was the entanglement in the previous scene? ? ?

5. Rachel is not afraid of pain. Where is the setting reflected?

I was thinking about not being afraid of pain or acid. I guess there is a scene where normal people would not dare to go out. Only Rachel can go out and do some things. As a result, I put a bottle of ketchup on the street to contain acid rain and everyone hid under the eaves together. The bottle was poured on the chain of the phone booth? Can this normal person do? ? What is the meaning of this setting? ? ?

In the end, it's not that you have to look for strict logic in cool movies, but the basic plot logic should be consistent with it... You don't need to calculate that 1➕9 is equal to 10, but at least 1➕1 is equal to 2 can't be wrong, right? . This movie makes me even a novice realize these problems, it can be seen that it is a very serious car accident

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