A rubbish sequel with a serious separation of plot and setting.

Jorge 2022-11-01 07:19:09

As a sequel, the participants are all players who have cleared the level before, resulting in all kinds of ink marks and all kinds of quarrels. As long as the setting is changed to the heroine leading a group of passers-by to pass through the level, the show will not look so dramatic, and it will not produce the bug of why the people who happened to be sitting in the subway are all the players who cleared the level before.

The IQ of the characters was generally lower than that of the first part, and the performance was extremely poor even when they were all cleared players. The heroine is a high IQ, and the first reaction when encountering an agency is that pigs jump up and think about it all the time. It's a bug, and the male protagonist is basically yelling all the time without doing anything actually useful. Before Shensha, he kept yelling under the lighthouse for no reason, and finally he was alive inexplicably.

The plot is too tight, and sometimes it is too late to understand what happened before entering the next link. The sense of oppression that I was supposed to give is completely gone before I can understand it. Except for the music, I basically don't feel any tension.

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