Just look at the cinema version Amanda is not a designer? Her first film could have been dead!

Eunice 2022-11-06 05:51:50

When I was discussing with my friend, I found a problem?, she, like most film critics, thinks that there are two versions of the designer of Secret 2: Amanda in the theater version, and Claire in the online version.

but! Note ⚠️The designer heard by the audience in the theater version is from Zoe's perspective. That said, Zoe heard that the Mi 2 designer was Amanda. But is this true? ? Judging from Minos' purpose and Amanda's performance, I personally think it's not. (Audience friends of the theater, what you heard is only what Minos told you to hear)

From the theatrical version, Secret 2 is more like a prequel to the plane room, accompanied by psychotherapy for Zoe's plane-fear symptoms. Let’s divide the structure: the whole movie is divided into 4 stages, namely “diagnosis”, “stimulation”, “treatment”, and “rehabilitation”?

So, we already know that the plane that Zoe got on after overcoming the psychological shadow is the secret room of the first test at the end of the test ? Let’s push it backwards?

"Inquiry" = "Minos got two conditions for Zoe to get on the plane, Minos was sanctioned, Zoe and the others were no longer hurt"; and "Stimulus" = "Championship" (only in the theater version perspective Look); "Treatment" = "Minos' exclusive performance for Zoe", in this stage, the witness Amanda was first delivered to the door (the physical evidence Zoe took with her mobile phone), and then the invitation letter was sent to Zoe Agree to design the secret room (it's a hint of "the secret room is over"), then fulfill Zoe's request at the police station: from the TV's visual news report, the police say "official news" about their arrest, and Ben says they escaped together , Witness Amanda confessed, three aspects, let Zoe feel at ease. "Your report has been successful! The news report has been made public! The police have gone after him! The employee and customer information is available again! The witnesses who have been "dead" have also confessed, what strong evidence!" Zooey, relieved, relieved, and decided to go back by plane. Minos' goal is thus achieved. ?The third part can shoot airplanes.

So, in the background, Amanda, who is used as a "witness to Zoe", will she really be a designer? ? Anyway, she was taught to say "My daughter was kidnapped and they threatened me to design a secret room". Actually she was just threatened to come to Zoe to tell about it? ?

The former requires professionalism and a twisted personality, while the latter requires a few words. ?Which one is more likely? Not to mention the veteran female soldier who has experienced the escape 1, it is clear that the person who designed the secret room is one of the murderers, whether her morality and ability allow her to do so. Just look at her performance after Zooey's "I refuse": run to the wall, "Let me out! I did as you asked! Let me out!"

The children's bedroom and the water prison are the same scene. If she designed the secret room, wouldn't she know how to get out? Some people may say that she didn't know after Minos added the water prison, but the secret 2 designer has killed several people Now, on the same boat as Minos, what is she afraid of? What is she afraid of?

Furthermore, it is known that inviting Zoe to be a designer is not sincere. The whole process is to make her a player in the plane's secret room. As a loser, why was Amanda invited to be a designer?

Therefore, the theatrical version of Secret 2 did not describe the portrait of the designer, but dictated "Amanda is a designer". At the end of Secret 1, the designers and testers of Minos have been portrayed, so why is it not portrayed in Secret 2? Because she's not

Of course, in fact, the online version of Escape 2 portrays the designer, Claire! ? The stage of "stimulation" is also given other meanings to find someone to save you.

Off topic, compared to some bean friends about the movie, "Amanda, who died in the first movie, came out to save the scene and change the plot". I personally believe that the online version and the theatrical version are one version before they are divided due to the difference in the release time.

I don't think Amanda is dead.

And this setting involves two points: 1. The visibility of the secret room game needs to control the number of people, and 2. Falling traps are not fatal.

Let me start with the secret 2 itself: 1 subway, 2 bank, 3 sand sea, 4 acid rain, 5 childhood

From the customer base of Minos, the most exciting ending is, of course, the final winner after passing through five secret rooms ? 6 players, 5 secret rooms, but the wonderful thing about this game is that you can't predict the result . So, how can Minos guarantee that there are players in the back room?

The answer is a non-lethal fall trap.

Why do you say that? It can be seen from the sand sea room in Escape 2 that after Rachel fell, Nate went to rescue her and succeeded. This shows that there is a falling channel under the sand sea that will not kill you immediately. Due to the visual limitations of other players, or the editing of the film montage, our audience, like the protagonist, will think that the final outcome of falling is death. But in fact, the little brother on the subway and the two female partners hugged in the acid rain are all unimaginable deaths. And what's under the drop tunnel? The protagonist's guessed death is not the same as actual death. What you see is just what Minos wants you to see ?

I think the role of this falling passage is to temporarily store players to fill in the number of people that may appear in the next few rooms.

Let's deal with the changes in the number of people: 1. Subway (dead 1, save 5, reasonable), 2. Bank (dead 0, save 5, unreasonable), 3. Shahai (should enter 4, save 3) and start regulating the number of people , first remove one person through the falling passage, and let the four start the game, which is why Rachel suddenly fell in, and it was obviously a long time before the sand man from behind came up. When Nate rescued Rachel, ??? I don't know if the sharp-eyed friend saw that Lanette's rope was interrupted by a snatcher! There are sparks! Pull two people can pull up! It's not broken ⚠️. So the result is the limit 1 for 1. After that, 4 into 3, so when Ben ran out of the cabin, the door was closed, Ben climbed up the lighthouse, and the handrail was retracted?. 4. Acid rain (dead 2, save 1, unreasonable) In fact, the design here is reasonable. Problem solving is wrong. The act of answering the phone in the phone booth is essentially leaving a person to sacrifice to open the door. 5. Childhood (should enter 2, save 1) According to the original design, Nate should be moved over and experienced a series of decryptions, Nate died, and the female lead was saved.

The above is the perfect performance presented to Minos customers. After the secret room, Amanda came out to perform for the heroine.

So, Amanda said that after falling vertically, she was caught by the bed. Can be completely original. Let’s take a look at the number control of Escape 1 ?

1. The oven (dead 0, save 6, unreasonable) has been drank all the water and returned it to you? 2. Ice and Snow (the goal is to enter 5, die 1, save 4) and start to control the number of people again?, the old player Danny, who tried to foul with a lighter, cracked a very neat ?️ under his feet and took him away... Finally, save 5 people, 3. Billiards (enter 5, store 1, save 4) 4. Hospital: Jason attacked Mike, and the surveillance was broken, thinking that Zoe would definitely die, so Minos' perspective (death 2, save 2, reasonable) 5. Hallucinations (1 to die, 1 to survive)

Both movies have 6 players and 5 levels. When there are a lot of people, they will "attack under their feet". The third level in the middle will pass through the "falling tunnel" and use the visual difference to store people to ensure that there are no accidents in the latter two levels. .

Friends who have watched the second part of the online version? When the designer asked Claire what the safe house was on the computer, he could see a passage, so

Of course, the movie room can be moved and it won't last long. The meaning is almost the same.

As for the two versions of Escape 2, the only actor who saved the scene might be Ben It is God's perspective that can see the true face of the designer. But in the two versions, Ben is a hostage, and the two detention spaces are different. So, is it a reshoot? ? And the male protagonist is the last actor, so it is easy to make up shots???

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