Is filmmaking a time-limited KPI? looking so tired

Jacey 2022-11-03 04:28:13

The rhythm is very fast, but it is abnormally fast. I heard that it was edited.

It was almost too tiring to watch the whole movie. From the beginning, it was non-stop, scene after scene, tense from beginning to end, no relaxation, no room for thinking, just watching them as if they knew everything. The mystery of the heroine, the heroine's open character design is tired, looking up is a clue, everyone is accelerating frantically! oh no! look at here! It's getting louder...

I liked the first part very much, but the second part really lost the sense of rhythm and storytelling in order to highlight the thrill of solving puzzles, no longer explaining everyone's background, and no longer inserting everyone's story. , without the delicate expression of emotion. And I realized that this kind of movie is a test of the screenwriter, because everyone already knows the routine, guessing how everyone died, guessing the meaning of each secret room... Naturally, a sense of mystery is lost.

And the ending was really rushed! Out of nowhere, he ran out into the police station! Everyone speaks like double speed! The heroine suddenly overcame her fear and got on the plane that day! And according to this routine, it's the same as Conan. If you can't catch me, just play~ You can make unlimited sequels, but the constant repetition of the death room is really too popcorn movie.

The only innovation is that the first part gave a hint to the plane at the end. Everyone thought that the second part would unlock the plane's secret room, but the beginning of the second part was quite bland... and it was inevitable that the third part would be given in the end. Ministry's tips Well, finally, we still have to fly.

The feeling of inversion for the sake of inversion, and the puzzles are not very advanced. A bit disappointed. The heroine's acting skills have to continue to be honed. When Ben died, she could not see a trace of turbulence in her eyes.

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  • GamesMaster: [through a voice distorter] Tell us, Zoey. Did we do a good job convincing you?

    Ben Miller: Zoey, what's happening?

    [the plane is hit by turbulence, significantly it's another escape room]

    GamesMaster: The game only ends when we say it ends.

    [cut to black]

    GamesMaster: [last lines]

    GamesMaster: Thanks for flying Minos Air.

  • Ben Miller: People have always been keen on watching people die it started with the coliseums and since then nothing much has changed